How to Deal With Dental Anxiety or Phobia

How to Deal With Dental Anxiety or Phobia

A child looking fearful while in a dentist chair

A dentist has been trained and has the experience to treat dental problems without causing any pain as much as possible. But you may have a general distrust of anyone tinkering inside your mouth, or you may have had a bad experience with a dentist in the past. No matter the case, you may have dental anxiety if you feel uncomfortable sitting in the dentist’s chair.

In an extreme case, when you feel completely terrified of a dentist, you have dental phobia.

The Anxious or Fearful Multitude

You may be surprised, but millions of people actually have dental anxiety or phobia. In the US, an estimated 9 to 15 percent of Americans are anxious or afraid of going to the dentist. That percentage translates to around 30 to 40 million people.

The Results of Anxiety or Phobia

You need to deal with your dental anxiety or phobia if you want to have good oral health. You may skip dentist’s appointments because of your condition. Such neglect can greatly affect your oral health and lead to numerous dental problems. You may even become sick in general, as poor oral health has been associated with a few life-threatening conditions.

The Treatments Available

When you only have dental anxiety, you can choose a dentist who specializes in treating fearful patients. Fortunately, a family dentistry practice in Geist has a dentist who knows how to treat patients gently. You can even receive oral sedation or nitrous oxide at the practice to reduce your anxiety.

Other ways to deal with dental anxiety include going to the dentist with a trusted friend or family member. You can even do relaxation techniques. For dental phobia, however, you can visit a psychologist first, before you visit a dentist. Psychologists have devised ways to treat dental phobia and help you can overcome it.

You should not be afraid of the dentists and dental procedures. You can take the treatment measures mentioned here and realize how painless a dentist’s appointment can be.