5 Reasons to Stay in a Beach House Instead of a Hotel

5 Reasons to Stay in a Beach House Instead of a Hotel

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beach houseYou have almost every aspect of your vacation planned out, but there’s one major decision you still have to make. Where should you stay, at a beach house or hotel? Both of them will put a roof over your head, but there are some significant differences that make this a decision worth carefully considering.

In most cases, though, there actually isn’t that much to think about. The benefits of a beach house far outweigh those of a hotel when the trip lasts for more than a weekend.

1. Bigger space – This one is a no brainer, and it’s usually the factor that makes people opt for a beach house in the first place. Who wants to stay in a cramped hotel room, especially if a few of you have to put up with a hastily strewn mattress on the floor? By staying in a beach house, everyone has plenty of room to stash their belongings and stretch their legs.

2. Relaxing atmosphere –Having your own beach house for the length of your vacation is a completely different experience from a hotel. Instead of having to deal with noisy guests in neighbouring rooms, you have a completely private and cosy home away from home. Simply put, renting from places like Cottesloe Beach House Stays helps you relax – which is the entire point of the vacation in the first place.

3. Convenient access – Making the trip from a hotel room to the beach is more trouble than its worth. Imagine if you left something behind, and had to go back to get it; that’s bound to spoil the mood somewhat. By having your accommodations right on the beach itself, you have the freedom to go back and forth whenever you please.

4. Better cost-effectiveness – Even though you usually have to pay more upfront, you end up getting much better value for money by choosing a rental. Dividing the cost between friends and family members is easy, so you can still have a lower cost per head than staying at a hotel, with better comfort and service to boot. The value for money becomes even better the longer your stay is.

5. Being able to cook – Finally, who can pass up the chance to get some cooking done while on vacation? Eating out for every day of your trip is going to get old quickly, plus you will rack up some astronomical food expenses. If anyone in the group has allergies or strict dietary needs, then the bonus is even more important.

Of course, this is still subject to personal preference, and no two beach houses or hotels are really the same. Generally, though, renting short term wins out.