You Are What You Drive

You Are What You Drive

The style of your hair, the way you speak, and the clothes you wear don’t just indicate who you really are. The car you drive also signifies your personality. As what a five-year study by Detroit American Auto-Mind Institute revealed, what you drive says more about how you drive.

Cars, like those from car dealerships in Indianapolis, have always been more than just a simple means of transportation. They are an extension of a driver’s true self. What a person prefers to drive says more about them than any test or psychological examination. Whether you’re driving new or used cars from Indianapolis dealers, here is what your vehicle says about you:

Pickup truck

If you are driving a pickup truck, you are someone who doesn’t mind getting your hand dirty. Your style is back to basics. You love living a simple life and you don’t mind what other people say.


You live a simple life and you show it on the road, at home, and in the office. You don’t like being popular, as you just want to live your life.


You are wild, adventurous, and an attention-seeker. You love the outdoors and always want to brave it, as you are not afraid of nearly anything. You let yourself out into the world with no secrets and nothing to be ashamed of.


You always want a big family. You love kids, and you don’t mind clutter. Whenever you go on travel, you always make room for your things and for someone else’s baggage. You are bighearted, generous, and always ready to help other people.


You have a strong personality who would do everything just to reach your goals. You will not let anything stand in your way. You are believer of the saying “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Sports Car

You always want the best and the most advanced things in life. You keep up with the latest and newest as you always want to be on top. Adventure and adrenaline drives you where you want to go and you’re not afraid to take risks.

Car enthusiasts admit that cars, whether from buy here pay here Indianapolis or other shops, are a powerful window into the soul. They indicate a person’s character, tastes, and interests.