Top Three Most Unwanted Pests in American Homes Today

Top Three Most Unwanted Pests in American Homes Today

pest control service employee disinfecting a cabinet

Professionals offering residential pest control in Caguas inspect homes and the surroundings for the presence of unwanted insects and small animals. They identify potential areas of entry and the recommend a management plan to eliminate the culprits. Oftentimes, the infestation escalates into a huge and expensive problem when the threat is not dealt with adequately at the outset.

Here are the top three threats to the peace and comfort of your home:

1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches love food and water. Yet, they can live for a long time without these and they survive in any environment. Their toughness is the reason cockroaches are on top of the list. There is no need for uncovered food to be present in the house for cockroaches to thrive. When they have established their realm, you will find them everywhere—crawling on the floors, walls, and ceilings. There is no happy ending when it comes to cockroaches. The secret to winning the fight is to prevent them from entering your house.

2. Rodents

The battle between man and rodents is long and frustrating. Urban centers and suburbs are affected equally. Rodents are as stubborn as cockroaches. Rats and mice always make it to the top three lists because of their tenacity. They are resourceful as individual animals and resilient as a colony. How can humans win against an enemy whose true numbers they cannot see? Professional extermination is the answer.

3. Bed Bugs

The bed bug problem continues to rise in many cities in America. There was a time when they're not even on the list of top insect pests. Now, they bite millions of American families as they sleep quietly at night. They mature and multiply while they feed on human blood. Bed bugs are disturbing the comfort of households and they must be eliminated.

Pests are serious threats to homes and families. American homeowners must be proactive. You must do your part in the ongoing fight against these unwanted guests. Learn as much as you can about the top pests and find the best solution with the help of pest control experts.