Top 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Dental Equipment Supply

Top 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Dental Equipment Supply

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If you don’t have an in-house dental equipment technician, you can either hire one or outsource equipment supply, installation and maintenance from a specialised company like Dentec. That's a crossroad, so which way should you follow? In every business, the cost is a primary consideration, not least in these tumultuous economic times. Below are three ways in which outsourcing dental equipment maintenance can drive down the cost of doing business.

Reduce labour expenditure

In almost every business, salaries are among the top operational costs. Worse is that labour costs are recurrent expenditures, meaning they have a long-term effect on the financial position of the business.

Besides salaries, having in-house technicians comes with expenses such as pensions and medical claims. It’s not a wise move to reduce labour costs by reducing the workers' pay; this will deny your business access to top talent. Outsourcing transfers all these burdens to another company and gives you both benefits: access to top talent and lower labour costs.

Do away with training expenses and other hidden costs

Even if you hire top technicians, you have to train them from time to time. Remember, new technologies are coming up every day, and your technicians must be adequately equipped to operate and maintain them. The cost of hiring is another expense that's often overlooked. You'll have to place adverts in the media and pay interviewers. Outsourcing shields you from these costs.

Reduce downtime

Your internal technician is taking off days or has accepted a lucrative job offer from another firm. Transitioning to new employees costs businesses a handsome fortune, both in the form of staffing costs and downtime. It may take up to six months to hire a new employee.

Furthermore, it may take up to two years for the new employee to be fully productive. With equipment maintenance outsourcing, the loss of production hours associated with employee absenteeism and transitioning is reduced.

Outsourcing equipment maintenance brings less operating costs and fewer worries. It gives you a chance to concentrate on serving customers and looking for more opportunities. It’s one of those cost-cutting strategies you should consider adding to your business development plan.