Think Space: Installing Large Water Tanks

Think Space: Installing Large Water Tanks

Water Tank

Especially if located in a remote area, investing in large water storage tanks can be extremely beneficial. This ensures a steady supply of water for your business, your farm or your house. It could also ensure that you maximise on rainwater and save money otherwise spent on water bills. Below are a few fundamental tips for finding the right spot to install your tank with regard to space.

Ample Space

If you have adequate space, then choosing a location for your tank should not be too much of a hassle. Even so, you must consider more than the immediate space that you have.

Think about drains. Examine the possibility of having to empty your tanks in case the water inside goes stale. Installing a mixing system could save you from the burden of having to empty your tanks repeatedly. Then again, consider your preferred piping system. Also, think about how you intend to capture rain water.

Limited Space

Having a tank that can store more than 10,000 litres of water is good. This may, however, pose challenges if you have limited space.

Fortunately, the industry has advanced over the years. Now, large tanks come in various designs. In this case, consider getting slimline tanks. They are longer than they are wider and therefore need less base space. You also have the option of taking two tanks instead of one. For instance, imagine needing storage for approximately 50,000 litres of water. You may consider getting two tanks of 25,000 litres capacity. Another excellent solution is finding underground water tanks for your water storage.

Before purchasing your tank, you may want first to do a soil sampling. Even with a good budget and plenty of space, soil with less than 3,000 psf may not hold your tanks. In this case, installation should involve preparing the tank base with concrete or other compact material.