Stop Creating Your Own Bad Hair Day with These Bad Hair Myths

Stop Creating Your Own Bad Hair Day with These Bad Hair Myths

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day No matter how frequent you visit the salon for hot oil or hair spa, you are still prone to having damaged hair. Other than using hair styling products and exposure to harsh radiation from the sun, you may have habits that you never knew are damaging your hair.

Here are six bad hair habits that you need to stop right away.

  1. Exposing hair to cold air after blow drying or ironing is important. Hair experts recommend switching to cool air after blow drying or ironing the hair to close the hair shaft. Doing so also makes the hair smoother and shinier.
  2. Combing hair while wet is a big no-no. So is rubbing wet hair with towel. This is because the hair is weak causing it to break easily. You can allow your hair to dry naturally before combing it with a wide-tooth comb. It is even better to use wooden comb, especially when you have invested on a rebonding or keratin hair straightening treatment, says. Plastic combs tend to create frizz.
  3. Swimming in chlorinated water without washing hair on regular water first is bad. Allowing the hair to absorb regular water before dipping in the pool helps reduce the damaging effects of chlorine-treated water. You may also use a swimming cap for better protection.
  4. Brushing the hair 100 strokes is a myth. Truth is that the 100 brush strokes only damages the hair’s natural coating which can result to split ends or hair fall.
  5. Using shampoo daily is bad for dry hair. Only shampoo hair daily when yours is naturally oily.
  6. Washing hair with hot water is not doing any good. Warm water is okay, but definitely not hot water. Hot water removes natural oils and makes the scalp dry.

It is a big challenge to maintain a healthy hair, unless you know what exactly hurts your hair. Quit the bad hair habits and be one step closer to having great hair day every day.