Steps in Finding the Right Wedding Caterer

Steps in Finding the Right Wedding Caterer

Most guests remember an event based on the catering. The food you serve on your wedding day is a big deal. For a memorable ceremony, it is important to hire the right wedding caterer in Arizona. Whether you and your fiancé are planning on serving spicy tuna tartare or prime mini burgers as Hors D’oeuvres, look for reliable wedding catering services in Arizona to prepare the feast of your dreams.

The Journey Begins

The best places to start looking for recommendations are from friends. If they had a great experience with a particular caterer, then this is the caterer you should talk to. Keep your search limited to five or six catering companies. You may want to keep searching but casting a wider net will only distract you, causing you to lose precious time.

The Phone Call

Before you pick up the phone, compile a list of questions to ask the caterer. Inquire about their specialty, price range, packages, availability, and other considerations. Remember to take notes and be sure you allow the caterer to also ask you questions. Inquire about food freshness, as many caterers cut corners by serving frozen food. Fresh is always best.

Schedule appointments with caterers on your shortlist. Sit down and dive into logistics and costs. They will present you with a cost estimate and initial proposal. If you feel that it falls close within your budget, a taste test is next in line. Keep in mind that a taste test for two can differ in quality to a feast prepared for a hundred guests. At this point, you should narrow down the field to two wedding caterers.

The Taste Test

Caterers provide three ways of food tasting: backstage tasting, open-house tasting, and private tasting. The private tasting is the best choice. It allows you and your partner one-on-one time with your caterer to discuss the wedding menu and draft a revised proposal.

Never hire a caterer without a firm contract to protect your interests. Once you’re set on a caterer and have mutually agreed upon a price, read the contract thoroughly before signing.

Treat your family and friends to a once in a lifetime celebration with a thoughtful, generous, and well-designed menu. To make your search easier, try looking for wedding caterers online. There are many top-notch local professionals providing wedding catering, AZ.