Stained Carpets: The Causes of Hard-to-Remove Stains

Stained Carpets: The Causes of Hard-to-Remove Stains

Remove Stains

Removing Stains in DunedinCarpeted flooring is a sign of luxury and comfort. Not many people may afford their whole living space with carpets. Others may not want to have this type of flooring because it is difficult to clean. This is true as you cannot just simply use anything when you end up spilling something on your floor. You will require professional carpet cleaners to effectively remove anything that clings onto your carpet. 

Here are some of the types of stains you have to watch out for.


Sometimes, you might be eating food and not realising you are leaving a trail of crumbs along the way. While these crumbs can easily be removed by vacuuming, you might forget to clean up afterward. Leaving food and water spillage on your carpet can attract ants or worse, cause mould growth. Since parts of your carpet will never see daylight, they might collect moisture underneath them. Couple that with spillage and you have the complete recipe to host moulds in your interior.

Removing mould on your own can be dangerous to your health, so carpet cleaning services should come in handy in this case.

Pet Stains

If you have a pet dog or cat at home, you may have already accepted the fact that your carpet will always be dirty. Unless you had your pets trained, they can bring all sorts of dirt into your home. The shedding of hair may also be a problem as they cling onto the carpet very well. Sometimes, vacuuming may not be enough to clean dirt and hair attached to the fibres of your carpet. It can also be a bummer when your pets end up doing their dirty business right inside your home.

Carpet flooring may be nice to have but be prepared with your added responsibility of keeping it safe and clean in your home. You never know how dirty your carpets are until you have them cleaned.