Snow Leopards Photographed In Uzbekistan For The First Time

Snow Leopards Photographed In Uzbekistan For The First Time

The first-ever pictures of a snow leopard in Uzbekistan were captured using a camera trap. Not one, but two endangered cats were caught on camera.

LeopardsEndangered Species

The conservation group, Panthera, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) confirmed that there are two snow leopards in the Gissar Nature Reserve. This reserve can be visited only for scientific research, as it’s a protected part of the Pamir Mountains.

Uzbekistan is about the size of California. It’s among the 12 countries in Asia where snow leopards still roam around.

The Successful Capture

Tom McCarthy, executive director of Panthera’s snow leopard program, said in a statement, “Panthera has provided over 300 camera traps through partnerships such as this to better document the range of this elusive and endangered cat of central Asia’s mountains.” He added, “With an improved understanding of their range and numbers we have a better chance to save them.”

Due to modern technology, conservationists have used hidden cameras to track the activities of these cats.