Signs of a Failed Sewer Line

Signs of a Failed Sewer Line

The signs of a faulty sewer line

Damage to sewer pipes is not as prevalent in most places as it is with blocked drains. Thus, homeowners in Raleigh don’t quickly realize that their sewer pipes have been damaged until the consequences become severe. Fortunately, you can watch out for these signs and call a plumber to repair the damage.

Foundation Cracks and Sinkholes

One of the extreme signs of sewer pipe damage is a crack in the foundation slab and sinkholes. The void that develops in your yard or under the foundation results from leaks from main sewer lines that run under tiles. You should correct the sewer line leaks early enough to prevent foundation problems.

Rodent Problems

As much as you would like to doubt this, a rodent problem is a symptom of a break in the sewer lines. Rats live in sewers, and they can squeeze their way from the central or city line to the pipes in your plumbing systems. You might be surprised to see an uninvited visitor at your dinner table if you don’t repair a faulty sewer line early enough.

Insect Infestation

Insect infestation in your home indicates a broken sewer line. Surprisingly, sewer flies, cockroaches, and palmetto bugs can quickly get through sanitary sewer cracks into your home. Also, a small cockroach can fit into a cracked pipe regardless of how slight the break is. Cockroaches affect human health. Thus, you should focus on repairing broken sewer lines once you notice them.

If you notice any of these signs, you can hire professional plumbing services to carry out a sewer inspection. Besides, plumbing systems can fail unexpectedly and damage your home. Thankfully, you can maintain your sewer line to prevent or repair damages.