Passive Water Treatment Systems Saves Nature

Passive Water Treatment Systems Saves Nature

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A water treatment system aims to remove metals and other pollutants that can affect the water supply. Another method is the passive water treatment system.  The experts at Naturalflow explain that these systems use natural processes and often do not require the use of energy. As a result, these systems help save the environment and cost even less.

Types of Passive Water Systems

These water treatment systems are recent developments in water treatment. It uses bacteria or limestone to remove acidity and metals. Some call these systems bio-reactors or wetlands.

Aerobic Wetlands

These are shallow ponds that could be lined with soil or limestone. These wetlands encourage oxidation and remove iron and manganese. This process can neutralize acidity and turn metals into sulfides.

Anoxic Limestone Drains

This process uses a buried limestone system. It requires removing oxygen and aluminum in the water, as these would allow iron and aluminum hydroxide to clog the system. This process also removes acidity and toxic chemicals.

Anaerobic wetlands

These passive water treatments use ponds filled with organic matter, with limestone gravel underneath. The microorganisms in the pond allow the metals to precipitate. This system requires water to percolate at a steady temperature, or the microorganisms will die.

Other Passive Systems

There are other types of passive water treatment systems that use different limestone configurations. In these systems, the water flows down along a limestone channel that oxidizes metals and adds alkalinity.

Such systems could require permits and other legal documents from local government councils. Some systems fail to meet the water quality standards due to poor design or maintenance.
Passive water treatment systems assure the community of a clean water supply that uses natural processes.  You can save energy, protect the environment, and allow nature to make the water supply clean again.