Keep Yourself Warm During New Zealand’s Winters

Keep Yourself Warm During New Zealand’s Winters

If you’re just a brand-new resident in New Zealand, then there’s one thing you need to learn immediately: winters are vastly different here.

Although the country’s climate is temperate, the temperature during the winter—which is from June to August—can vary. In the North Island, the chilly air is only mild; but when you go to the South Island, the temperature becomes freezing, as it can drop as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

Why the Difference?

Regarding area, New Zealand is only as big as Colorado in the United States. Nevertheless, the country has different climates due to its diverse geography: volcanic plateaus, alpine mountains, and stretches of coastlines. These different geographical features play a huge role in the varying winter temperatures.

Why Does it Matter?

The weather helps determine what kind of heater you would like to install in your home. Many people who immigrate to New Zealand find it surprising that some of the houses do not have a heating system. Many New Zealanders may consider that the winters are not cold enough to warrant one.

Furthermore, some homes were built during the 1990s to 2000s, when there were no clear building codes. Some of the houses are also quite old, so they may not have the proper wall insulation.

What You Can Do

The first thing to do is to look for a property with a central heating system. In New Zealand, you could also work with a central heating company who can provide quality plumbing and HVAC services. They can suggest whether you’re better off with underfloor insulation, water heating, electric heating, or a radiator.

Installing a central heating isn’t going to be cheap, but you can always request for a free estimate. Besides, you can never put a price tag on comfort, especially when New Zealand winters get the best of you. Starting a new life anywhere is challenging, but you don’t have to suffer when you have the right heating system in your home.