Hire a Truck Without Much Fuss

Hire a Truck Without Much Fuss

Consider this scenario: your parents throw you out of their house because after five gap years you still seem not to have any plans for your life whatsoever. They are sick of it and want you out of their basement ASAP. They don’t care where you go. They won’t even pay your moving expense.

As if that’s not hard enough, you try to look for a truck for hire and you find out the very act of moving is just as complicated as the idea.

Here’s how we can help you.

Focus and plan

Ask your parents for a little more time—maybe a couple of days so you can carefully plan your forced escape. Use this timeframe to accomplish these:

1. Estimate the size of truck you need. This means reacquainting yourself with the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years which your parents didn’t buy since you can’t probably take those with you.

2. Book early. Ideally, you should book a truck for hire a couple of weeks before the day of moving. To get around the fact that your parents want you out ASAP, try doing the dishes and keep your room clean. These acts of goodwill can buy you time.

3. Compare services. Do not book the first contractor you find. Get to know at least three and see what each has to offer. Pricing is, of course, your priority since you are most likely broke so keep in mind not to schedule your moving out on popular days. Surely you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day which makes you lucky since moving is cheap thereabouts.

Hire a Driver VS DIY

The last thing your parents want is to get a call from the police after you’ve been pulled over due to traffic violation while driving a hired truck. How ironic is that? If you’re not comfortable driving a large vehicle, it’s best to hire a professional.

Moving out of your parents’ house is difficult as it is. Following this basic guide can make your life a little simpler.