Does the Colour of Your Slimline Rainwater Tanks Matter?

Does the Colour of Your Slimline Rainwater Tanks Matter?

You hear your neighbour say they are off to buy a green water tank, and you are left wondering if it matters whether they use a black, red, white, clear, or even green water storage tank. You actually cannot tell why you chose that black tank over a blue one.

But, for a fact, the colour of your water tank is a key factor to consider when buying slimline rainwater tanks from providers like Rapid Plas.

Here’s why the colour of your plastic water tank matters

One major issue you hear owners of plastic collection and storage tanks complain about is algae growth in their water tanks, which not only poses a health risk but also raises the maintenance cost of tanks. But, since algae can only thrive in the presence of sunlight, choosing a colour that can eliminate chances of the sun penetrating the tank’s shell will keep your water algae-free and safe for use.

What colours should you choose?

Poly tanks come in various colours, ranging from blue, green and black to white and clear. However, not all these colours are capable of blocking sunlight from reaching the stored water to prevent algae growth. The best colours of water collection and storage tanks to choose from are black, beige, and mist and dark green.

But, it is not all this serious. While selecting a light blocking colour is of the essence, especially in ensuring your water is safe for use, it is important you find water tank that will easily blend into the environment in which you place it.

Whenever you are planning to buy slimline rainwater tanks, ponder on the colour to choose if you are concerned about how safe is the water you store and supply to your house. Once you have decided on the colour of the tank, you can continue narrowing your options to the size and shape your water tank should come in before placing your order.