Comfortable Seats Required: The Criteria for Moviegoers’ Theater Choice

Comfortable Seats Required: The Criteria for Moviegoers’ Theater Choice

A couple enjoying a movie together in the theaters

Marcus Theatres once conducted a survey to see the trends in preferences and general feedback of moviegoers. While 99% of them find watching movies at a theater enjoyable, they did cite several important factors that contribute to this overall satisfaction. 97% of them said comfortable seats are one of them.

These results are understandable. If you are to sit in one place for an average of two hours, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.

Sitting in Comfort

According to the survey, seat comfort is one of the first of moviegoers’ priorities (it holds the same spot as cleanliness and picture quality). State-of-the-art seats are no longer luxuries, but necessities for movie theaters.

If audiences are to choose between two cinemas and both are equal in terms of picture quality and surround sound technology, they will look for other elements that will contribute to a satisfying experience. If one theater has more comfortable and cleaner seats, that will be the undisputed choice.

Functional and Modern

Moviegoers are as critical of the cinema as they are of the film. This brings us back to our context case above regarding choosing a movie theater: people weigh the pros and cons of the establishment’s amenities in addition to movie choices. Audiences have expectations, and given the vast improvements in cinematic image projection and sound, the rest of the cinema has to catch up.

With regards to theater chairs, they should be ergonomic and not require expensive maintenance. Not only should these chairs provide comfortable support for the spine and back, they should also have excellent construction and long life. Upholstery plays a big part in this. Fire-retardant polyolefin fabrics are best, according to installations expert Preferred Seating. This material doesn’t wear quickly and is spill-resistant to boot.

Comfortable seating completes the formula for the perfect movie-watching experience. Theater owners will do well to invest in movie theater chairs after securing superior digital cinema technology.