Catering Your Way to Success One Event at a Time

Catering Your Way to Success One Event at a Time

Chef preparing wedding food

Weddings are all about the presentation. There are the bride and grooms who are expected to look their best on their special day. There is the entourage, who will be in dozens of photos with the newly weds. The families joined by the union also need to turn up in style.

The food you prepare for the wedding should hold its own. What with all the talk about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, your business will pick up if you can present food fit for royalty. Here’s how to do it:

Use quality equipment

You are serving the food, but they are accompanied by the equipment you choose for the event. You certainly do not want to show up with old, rusty or dirty looking food warmers. All the food presentation equipment should highlight the qualities of the food and make them look more enticing.

Mind the garnish

A bit of garnish goes a long way, but this does not mean you should economise. For weddings, your clients want to see that no expense has been spared on their day. They want a memorable day, and they want to please their guests. Do your job by caring about the plating and the garnish. People eat with their eyes, and the more appetising your dishes are, the better.

Look polished

You do not want your staff to look out of place at a wedding. They represent your business, so they should look sharp and clean. There should be no stains on their clothes. This way, guests will associate them with efficient service and good food. They should also act appropriately and smile at the guests. Before you send your people to an event, make sure everyone knows how to behave professionally.

One wedding can lead to more opportunities for your business, so give it the best you have.