Areas to Consider When Introducing National Police Checks

Areas to Consider When Introducing National Police Checks

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National police checking services are not the kind of stuff you tick off without first considering the implications they can have in the proper running of your organisation. There are factors that you cannot afford to ignore whenever you plan to introduce these checks into your workplace.

It is, therefore, necessary that you have coherent policies and procedures as part of this police-checking process. Among the key areas you should focus on include the following.

Your company’s recruitment policy

Bearing in mind the numerous offences that national police checks have the potential to disclose, it is advisable you have clear guidelines about what acts, as an organisation, you are not willing to tolerate. Remember, when recruiting employees, you are entrusting your brand in their hands.

Therefore, it is within your rights not to condone certain behaviours.

Renewing of police checks

Does your company’s operation require you to settle for only the police check you ran on your employees during initial recruitment, or you could use re-checking after a particular period of employment?

If not, note that introducing criminal background rechecking can adversely influence the normal running of processes in your workplace. However, if you notice instances of misconduct in your organisation, it is advisable you engage your employees on the need to carry out police checking again.

Handling disputes

Running criminal background checks can, at times, punctuate workplaces with disputes, which, without a clear process for dealing with them, can tense up operations in your company. Such instances include an employee refusing rechecking, and some not agreeing with your decision based on particular checks.

It is advisable that, as an employer, you highly consider these three areas whenever you plan to introduce or reintroduce a national police checking service in your organisation.

To handle potential implications of mishandling this process professionally, seek the input of police checks specialists, who will also ensure your company’s policy regarding employee background checking is fair, reasonable and uphold human rights against employee discrimination.