4 Situations That Call for a Creamy, Hearty Soup

4 Situations That Call for a Creamy, Hearty Soup

Cold, rainy nights are best paired with soup for dinner. It’s also the usual go to food when down with the flu – because aside from the warm comfort it brings, it can be a complete one-pot meal that is easy to prepare and healthy to consume, especially when filled with veggies and other low-fat but high-fiber ingredients.

It’s also a smart way to pack in more water in your body and is easy to store and reheat for later. While it’s not always the kind of dish you plan for the way you would a braised casserole or baked chicken, here are four situations when a warm bowl will do wonders for your soul:

When babe is on a long weekend trip and you are home alone

Lonely is an understatement for that overwhelming feeling of being alone when your beloved is off having fun somewhere with his best buddies. The warm, inviting steam from a hearty bowl of soup should calm your nerves. While it doesn’t substitute for an intimate hug, it is certainly comforting in the way it heats up your body while you flick through the different movies Netflix has in store for you.

It’s also not encouraging to cook for one, so a quick soup prepared in one pot cuts down the dishes you have to do that night.

After weathering a series of disappointments at work

Did boss show his grumpy side again today? Fret no more and leave behind your worries at your office’s glass doors. As soon as you get home, get that easy to prepare cream base for soup, soothe your tired self and nurse back up your confidence. Tomorrow, it will all be better.

When you miss home

There’s a reason only your mom makes the best soup dinners – because it is prepared with love. No matter how far you are from home, rekindle the feeling by making a call and asking for her secret soup recipe. It’s about time you learn the heirloom recipes anyway.

When the budget for grocery is running low

Soup is as versatile as it is cheap. You can just make a soup out of a tasty stock on hand and maybe throw in some inexpensive cream or milk for a thicker, creamier base. With some whole wheat bread or freshly tossed green salad on the side, you have yourself a diet-worthy meal that you won’t hate.

Hearty, warm, satisfying, filling, cheap, and easy to prepare – what more can you ask for? No wonder soup is considered a staple comfort food across the world.