3 Job Positions in a Warehouse

3 Job Positions in a Warehouse

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Are you looking to build a career in the warehousing field? If yes, peopleready.com notes that there are multiple job options in the field, but you must be familiar with the requirements and roles of each position. You should meet the entry requirements and then build your career as you acquire more skills. Some of the jobs include:

Shelf Filler

This is the lowest job position and involves packing of goods in retail stores. A shelf filler should arrange the products according to the expiry dates. It is also their role to remove any items that are past the expiry dates. These persons also help a customer identify a commodity they are looking for or even offer recommendations.

Warehouse Clerk

The work of the warehouse clerk involves majorly administrative tasks. He or she should make orders for supplies, confirms the delivery details, and checks off some goods to the storage department. It is their responsibility to verify that orders arrive within the requires time and within the specifications. In some cases, the warehouse clerk should be in contact with suppliers to inquire about the products in store and their prices.

Warehouse Manager

The warehouse manager is responsible for running the warehouse. He or she should oversee supply, distribution, and storage operations within the warehouse. It is also their role to come up with policies that will see an increase in sales and customer satisfaction. The manager is the overall head of the different departments. It is also in his or her position to recruit new members and lay off lazy or uncooperative members.

There is quite a good number of career choices you can make when choosing warehouse careers. The jobs are equally many, and it will not be hard for you to get a footing in the industry. Liaise with a staffing company for job placement in the right industry.