3 Easy Ways to Rat-Proof Your Yard

3 Easy Ways to Rat-Proof Your Yard

photo of a black rat

Rats may be small, but they are capable of causing untold misery. These small rodents are known to spread diseases and cause damage to property. Also, they reproduce fast and become a menace within no time.

Rats outside your house are as dangerous as those that are already inside. This is especially true during the winter months when they move from the yard to your house to seek shelter. It’s, therefore, necessary to take precautions to ensure your yard is free from rats.

Eliminate Existing Rats

Before you make efforts to repel rats, it’s essential that you eliminate any existing rats first. Engage the services of professional exterminators dealing with rodent control in Boca Raton. They will evaluate the problem and come up with an appropriate elimination method. They will take into account the safety of your family and pets. Timely elimination will prevent further reproduction and ensure your rat-proofing efforts are effective.

Clean Your Yard

Rats need shelter, food, and water to thrive. To prevent them from getting any of the above, it’s crucial to keep your yard clean. Rats like bushy areas, so ensure your grass is well trimmed. If you have any dry grass and cardboard paper in your yard, dispose of them properly, as rats use these to build nests. Remove any fallen fruits or vegetables, and avoid spreading poultry feed on the ground. Instead, use a bird feeder. Rats are also attracted to any food remnants found in the garbage bins. Empty them regularly and keep them sealed always.

Seal All Entry Points

Rats can easily gain access to your home. Once you have eliminated existing rats, follow any recommendations given by the professionals to dissuade entry. Seal major entry points such as holes in the yard and cracks on the walls and gates. To prevent them from climbing up, apply gloss paint on pipes and surfaces surrounding the yard.

A clean and clutter-free yard will have nothing to attract rats. Once you have successfully rat-proofed your yard, be certain to keep it that way with the above tips.