3 Commercial Shelving Options for Your Business

3 Commercial Shelving Options for Your Business

Inside a shelving/storage room

There are several shelving brands out there, but the materials you’ll find are standard. These materials are responsible for the variety of designs and styles of commercial shelves for flexible and convenient storage.

This guide covers the popular materials used for commercial shelving systems.

Rivet shelving

This type of shelving will suit your business for its versatility and strength. It comes ready to assemble for an easy setup. Rivet shelving is available in a range of sizes for ease of accessibility and to accommodate different package sizes. Because it has the stability of about 1800 Ibs. capacity per level of each shelve, it becomes an ideal shelving option for high density and massive storage of your business.

Steel shelving

Steel shelving performs best in warehouses, offices, tool cribs, and other commercial environments. It can be installed in both open and closed styles. It can be adjusted to different sizes, depending on what you’re storing. Its adjustability makes it ideal for office shelving since it’s available in many colours for decorative applications.

Wire shelving

This type of shelving is the most attractive because of its gleaming, clean, and comfortable look. It mounts easily on casters for mobility, making it suitable for washdown, food, or wet applications depending on the shelving finish. Wire shelving can fit a space, but still maintains access to corner areas. It can also run in straight and right angle or corner as well.

Managing your business’s storage facility efficiently is important to ensure a smooth flow of products. You can use these commercial shelving systems if you want easy access to commodities in your shop. Your choice will depend on what you trade in your shop and the space available in your facility.