What to Consider When Drilling Water Bores

What to Consider When Drilling Water Bores

Water is an essential resource. At times, the water supply is never enough to satisfy the daily needs of some individuals. As a result, some people tend to resort to drilling water wells in the homesteads. Since the demand for water wells has been on the rise in New Zealand, bore drilling companies have been on an upsurge.

Such companies offer well-drilling services for commercial and domestic use.

But the right drilling company must have a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and technicians well versed on bore drilling, experts from Carlyle Drilling said. Having such expertise, they would always come up with a solution no matter how tough the project may seem or the location of the water bore drilling.

Types of Water Bores

New Zealand-based drilling companies deal with different types of water bores:

1. Monitoring bores.
2. Production bores (Domestic and commercial).
3. Injection wells.
4. Dewatering wells.

These companies must have experience in dealing with various layers of the Earth’s crust. So as to ensure that the wells are of quality standard, the following forms of drilling are usually used:

• Augers.
• Downhole pneumatic hammer (Air Drilling).

And these bore drilling companies must have extensive knowledge when it comes to drilling, using different boring techniques to penetrate the Earth’s crust, regardless of the number of layers. Furthermore, the company also deals with various types of boreholes. As a result, all you need to do is choose the preferable type of well depending on your needs.

With the worsening water shortage problem, it is really important to find and hire a qualified drilling company to construct those wells. Don’t settle for anything less than efficiency, quality service and the kind of well we would really depend on to provide the right amount of water we need daily.