The Different Types of Metal for Wedding Bands

The Different Types of Metal for Wedding Bands

woman wearing a wedding band

woman wearing a wedding bandWedding bands are made of different types of metal. This is why choosing the right one can be a challenge. It needs to use material that won’t scratch, break, or discolor immediately. This way, you can preserve the value of this wedding symbol. Here are the different types of metal commonly used to help you choose:


Those who do physical work like carpentry, production, and construction need to have a heavy-duty wedding band. Tungsten isn’t prone to cuts and dents, as it’s among the most scratch-resistant alternative metals. The only disadvantage is its weight because it’s heavier than other metals.


This metal is slightly darker than white gold. It’s durable and resists cuts and dents like tungsten. Men who don’t usually wear jewelry and other accessories prefer this because it’s lightweight, hypoallergenic, and easy to maintain. It also resists discoloration, so its appearance stays the same after a long time.


Wedding bands made of this metal are sure to have 95% pure material. It’s hard and has a long lifespan, even without maintenance. In some cases, its price can be more costly than gold because of its rarity. It has a lower percentage of nickel, zinc, and other allergens, so it’s more hypoallergenic than other metals.


Many couples prefer gold because it is the most classic of all the choices. Even though yellow gold is common, mixing it with other metals like white or rose gold is okay. Avoid wedding bands with silver, nickel, and copper mixtures because these cause discoloration.


This is ideal for those who are on a budget. Don’t worry about the quality because it’s as durable as other metals. It has a smooth and glossy finish, especially when polished regularly. Ceramic wedding bands are hard but brittle, so it’s not ideal for heavy-duty activities.

Choosing the right type of metal is important because it’ll help maintain the quality of your wedding band. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, your jewelry choice could also save you from repair or replacement costs.