Rewards of Having a Floor Mat

Rewards of Having a Floor Mat

Worm-view of a commercial floor mat

Commercial floor mats – as industry experts at point out, are much needed by any establishment, for a variety of reasons.  However, these mats are also among those things you often take for granted.

Entrance mats are the frontline defense of any home or building against dirt, debris, and water. They serve an important purpose in offices, schools, shopping malls – basically any facility.

Here are some rewards of having an entrance floor mat for your building.

Floor mats maintain cleanliness

People going in and out of a building carry a considerable amount of dirt and water on their footwear, more so if it’s rainy outside. Wherever foot traffic is heavy, say, at retail establishments, the presence of an entrance mat is a must. Entrance mats serve as the primary barrier of your building against outside dirt. They’re also plus points for hygiene.

Floor mats reduce the risk of injuries

Aside from minimising dirt inside your facility, floor mats also keep your people safe by making floors less slippery. Wet floors can be a real safety risk. Instead of paying for injury compensation, investing in a heavy-duty entrance mat as a preventive measure is the best way to go.

Floor mats make a good impression

Customers are quick to notice a dirty floor. Having a clean, soil-free floor promotes a better image to your clients. They’re also great for floor care, giving your floors a longer life span.

Of course, commercial floor mats are more effective when they’re well-maintained. Be sure to conduct regular cleaning. It also helps if you purchase one with an absorbent surface for fast drying of footwear.

To further improve the efficiency of entrance mats, they must be positioned correctly. Mats must be placed in such a way that people entering the building will directly step on them before on the floor. Slippage can also be prevented if entrance mats are fixed. The colour of the mat should ideally be in contrast with the colour of the entrance floor to make it more visible.

Floor mats do the dirty work; true. They may be something you trample upon, also true. But, that doesn’t in any way diminish their value and function.