How to Use The Different Types of Double-sided Tapes

How to Use The Different Types of Double-sided Tapes

Double-sided tapes are specialty tapes with adhesive on both sides. You can use them to hold two lightweight objects together. They can also be handy for other purposes such as scrap booking and securing carpets.

There are different types of double-sided tapes. Based on their quality and strength, these tapes have their own particular use. The following should give you an idea how you can use these tapes for different applications.

Acid free double-sided tape

This transparent double-sided tape comes in different widths. Its quality makes it ideal for sticking items to scrapbook pages. As it’s acid free, you can use this tape for placing photos on a display board or photo albums for it won’t damage the prints.

Foam tape

A double-sided adhesive foam tape is useful for hanging posters on the wall. Due to its thickness, this type of double-sided tape is effective in holding large pieces of sturdy poster. Foam tapes are also great as a jointing material and effective in sealing windows and doors.

Masking tape

A double-sided masking tape is suitable for minor household repairs. They are also useful for repairing golf club grips, temporarily mending ripped seams on pillows, holding together broken decorations among other household fixes. Double-sided masking tapes also have industrial application, such as masking circuit boards during soldering.

Fabric tape

If you need to do quick mending jobs, a double-sided fabric tape can help you finish the job without requiring you to sew anything. You can use this tape to hold the hem of curtains or secure a table cloth in place. Fabric tapes are also best for installing a carpet or securing an area rug in place.

Lingerie tape

This double-sided tape is part of every stylist’s fashion emergency kit. It is useful for holding a fallen hemline or keeping a low-cut top from gaping open. Usually comes in flesh-tone and sticks well to the skin, lingerie tape is gentle and comes easily.

As some tasks are too tough or too heavy for one-sided tapes, you cannot just ignore the usefulness of double-sided tapes. One-sided tapes can be as effective as high tack glue. These tapes have their limitations, though. So when the situation calls for it, stick to double-sided tapes.