A Guide to the Most Common Types of Access Platforms

A Guide to the Most Common Types of Access Platforms

Access Platforms in Australia

Access Platforms in AustraliaAccess platforms are highly useful structure and machines in various industrial and construction settings. These pieces of equipment provide workers with safe and convenient way to work at height. Due to the different requirements and nature of applications, access equipment comes in a wide variety of types. Here are some of the most commonly used types of access platforms.

Edge protection

Edge protection systems are ideal in applications where there is a risk of falling off the roof or elevated work surface. They could be as basic as a barrier surrounding roof’s edges to a more complex structure installed with the elevated platform. These systems help reduce the risk of falling or slipping while working from a height.

Folding work

Painters and decorators often use hop-up systems, also known as folding work platforms. They provide easy access to high wall areas and ceilings. This type of platform is portable, lightweight, and foldable, making it ideal for small projects.


This type is one of the most common in the construction industry. You can often see them in construction sites. Scaffolding is made from long, steel poles that are joined together to provide a sturdy and stable way to work on various heights. Planks of wood are set in place as platforms. Companies offering access hire in Perth, says industry professional ClassicHire.net.au, provide scaffolding for various applications.

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are more popular in warehouses and industrial applications. These machines have crisscrossed arms that lift the platform. Its adjustable feature makes it highly useful in jobs that work on various levels of heights.

Mobile towers

Mobile towers are pretty much like scaffolding except for the fact that the grids of poles are welded together. They are a good option in jobs that require easy platform set up. Most towers are made from lightweight steel. It is often a less expensive option than machines like scissor lifts.

Safety is necessary in jobs that work at heights. With the help of these various types of access platforms, workers can have a safer and more convenient way to finish their jobs faster.