4 Major Product Labelling Trends for Growing Your Brand

4 Major Product Labelling Trends for Growing Your Brand

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Labelling is not only a requirement of the government to manufacturers but acts as an excellent marketing channel for any brand. You, however, need to work with a good company to get quality labels for your chemical products and other materials.

First off, though, it is imperative you master the key trends dominating the labelling industry to capitalise on each of them for your labelling needs. Four of the most critical ones include:

1. Use of Images

Pictures speak volumes than words do and are an excellent way to pass a message about your brand on your labels. Most individuals are likely to forget all the details in the label but will remember the image on your label. You can use an illustration in place of the photo to pass the same brand message.

2. Holographic Effects

Holographic details add an extra feel to your label to give you more visibility. These details are 3-dimensional and have a metallic look. You need to use a special machine to imprint these details on the bottle label.

3. Sustainable Labels

Customers now appreciate eco-friendly products more than they did decades ago. Therefore, labels that comprise recycled or biodegradable materials are fast becoming leaders in the labelling industry. The use of eco-friendly materials also influences the overall look of the bottles to a more natural and appealing.

4. Bolder Labels

Not all shoppers have time to read small labels, the reason more manufacturers are opting for bigger labels. The labels should contain meaningful content that will inform your customers of the contents of your product. A bigger and bolder label gives you more visibility than that of your competitors.

Products come in different sizes, but the labelling requirement cuts across the different sizes and types of items you have. Incorporating the above four trends when getting labels for your chemical products and other items increases your visibility, which further contributes to the growth of your brand.