Obama Cancels Meeting With Putin Over Snowden

Obama Cancels Meeting With Putin Over Snowden

President Barack Obama’s five-year effort to return U.S.-Russian relations seems to have ended, as the president canceled his planned meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin over the Edward Snowden case.

obama cancels meetingLack of ‘recent progress’ on serious issues

The effort to boost the relationship with the country has fallen due to being former Cold War rivals, including extreme differences over the Syrian civil war, Russia’s domestic crackdown on civil rights, and the asylum granted to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden.

The U.S. and Russian foreign and defense ministers will have a meeting in Washington, but Obama cancelled his planned summit with Putin because of what White House defined as lack of “recent progress” on a wide range of serious issues.

Postponed meeting citing serious differences

“We have informed the Russian government that we believe it would be more constructive to postpone the summit until we have more results from our shared agenda,” the White House said in a statement, mentioning serious differences over missile defense, arms control, trade, global security and human rights.

“Russia’s disappointing decision to grant Edward Snowden temporary asylum was also a factor that we considered in assessing the current state of our bilateral relationship,” it added.

While Snowden might be the immediate cause for cancelling the meeting, the issues were formed more than a year ago when Putin re-took the Russian presidency.

Ethernet First Mile: Taking your business to the next level

If communication is the ‘heart’ of any business, the type of communication protocol an organisation uses is its ‘veins’. Without steady connections, a business could be vulnerable to ‘a heart attack or a stroke’. To avoid communication bottlenecks and failures, it is important to choose a steady and reliable connection from the outset.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is a cost-effective alternative for businesses which need extremely dependable, high-speed Internet connectivity.

Understanding Ethernet First Mile

EFM is a network protocol arranged between a customer and a telecommunications provider. From the end-users’ perspective, the Ethernet connection is their “first mile”, while it’s the service provider’s “last mile”. Simply put, this type of connection transmits data over a range of cutting-edge, breakthrough, data transmission technologies – such as voice-grade copper.

Solving Common Connection Problems

Reliability is a common issue among businesses using traditional Ethernet connections. EFM solves this problem by using bundled copper pairs within a single connection. If one pair fails, other pairs of copper wire will keep the connection running – giving businesses a stable connection all the time. In addition, setting up a new EFM requires less work, as it uses copper infrastructure which is in use across traditional data networks already. Naturally, this helps businesses save on installation costs and minimise any potential downtime.

Faster Connection Speeds

One of the major advantages of EFM is that it offers faster connection speeds without requiring companies to commit to a full fibre Ethernet service. Moreover, this type of connection is often more affordable than other leased line services on the market.

Reliable Connection

This study by OFCOM (one of the key communications’ regulatory bodies), evaluated how businesses use Ethernet across the globe. It noted that new technologies in this type of network could, in fact, add significant value over time, in terms of refining regular day-to-day company operations.

A business that uses different types of communication services or features such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), and video transmissions, will benefit from using Ethernet in the First Mile Service.

Video, VOIP, and VPN require stable connections, as they are sensitive to latency. Latency often occurs due to poor connectivity. From a day-to-day perspective, this can lead to buffering problems and consistently low quality data transmissions. EFM solves this problem by providing stable connections constantly due to its dual-copper wire construction.

Minimal Repair Time – should the worst happen

As EFM is often a highly sought after business product, most service providers offer quick response time to any problems. With EFM, downtime is certainly a rarity. However, should any unfortunate events happen, most service providers can fix the problem quickly, even or even foresee any issue before it completely affects a customers’ own network.

In business, every second counts. Consistent internet connections ensure organisations avoid delays and any other unforeseen problems due to communication and data transmission issues. Increasingly, businesses should consider improving efficiency and productivity by installing a fast and dependable connection through revolutionary, robust technologies such as SIP trunking and Ethernet in the First Mile service.

Blame it on Alcohol: Alcoholism and Functional Alcoholics

“He drinks a whiskey drink, he drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a lager drink, he drinks a cider drink.”

You’ve probably never noticed it before, but Chumbawamba has been addressing an important substance abuse problem through their single, “Tubthumping.” Of course, he gets knocked down but he gets up again.

A New Brew of Social Drinking

Many people think of alcoholics as dishevelled, homeless winos who don’t have anything better left to do than to drink their problems away. But there are people who fit the criteria of an alcoholic, but are highly functional in society and still have everything: their jobs, homes, and families. These are the functional alcoholics.

They function properly in an organized setting. These people rarely miss work and other obligations despite their heavy drinking. They even usually excel at their chosen careers. The likes of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes have been in the news lately for having control problems when under the influence, but still manage to do their acting roles properly. Although they’ve undergone alcohol rehab treatment, they still have a problem.

Denial is a Problem

One of the main reasons alcoholics check themselves in alcohol rehabilitation facilities is the eventual negative consequences of their substance abuse. When the pain or embarrassment gets to them, denying they have a problem will only get them into deeper trouble. And for the functional alcoholic, the denial runs deep, because they still have no encounters with negative consequences. They still go to work every day, they are secure financially, they don’t have run-ins with the law—they don’t have a problem!

Denial Won’t Make the Problem Go Away

The functional alcoholic drinks as much alcohol as any full-blown alcoholic, they just don’t show the same outward symptoms of intoxication. They have a higher level of tolerance to the point that it takes more for them to feel any effects, like a hangover. As such, they need to up the intake every time to get the “buzz” they want.

This slow build-up of alcohol tolerance means the functional alcoholic is slowly increasing their intake to levels so high that it can result to organ damage and alcohol dependence. Even with high blood alcohol concentrations, which for others would be too much, they appear to only have downed a bottle or two. And rehab might be difficult for them, but not impossible, based on alcohol rehab statistics.

They may joke around calling them social drinkers, where “My friend is having a drink, Social I,” as their punchline, but deep down, they have a problem.

Jamie Foxx can probably speak for every alcoholic who’s ever made a stupid mistake while under the influence, “Blame it on the alcohol.”

Which Type of Family Car Should You Buy?

When talking about family cars, the type that usually comes to people’s mind is the minivan. But make no mistake – you actually have several choices. Besides, people surely want to buy cars with styles that are more exciting than that of the minivan.


A sedan is a type of passenger car with three compartments: the engine, the passenger, and the cargo compartments. The passenger compartment comes with two rows of seats: the front and back seats. The backseat is spacious enough to fit adult passengers or child safety seats comfortably. In general, sedans can seat a total of two adults and three children.

Sedans are available in different body styles: compact, mid-size and full-size. Full-sized vehicles provide more space in the passenger and cargo compartments. If you only have one small child, a compact car such as the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic can give you plenty of room. While some sedans are designed with two doors, the four-door type, however, is the best choice as a family car.

Station Wagons

Station wagons are distant cousins of sedans. Compared to the sedan, though, the roof of a station wagon extends farther back. Additionally, the station wagon combines its passenger and cargo compartments. The cargo area is accessible through the passenger area or through a rear fifth door. One great advantage of station wagons is that they offer the space and versatility of an SUV minus the exorbitant fuel consumption.

Sports Utility Vehicles

Although sports utility vehicles or SUVs are notorious for their lack of fuel efficiency, recent developments have made it possible for SUV hybrid cars to go easy on their fuel consumption. SUVs offer plenty of available seating to allow up to eight people to fit comfortably inside while still having enough room for supplies in the back area. This makes SUVs ideal for families who are always on the go and need a lot of cargo space.

Apart from the choices of vehicles, there are now many methods to choose from if you want to buy cars in Melbourne. You may choose to buy from a dealer’s lot or through an online auction. Compared to visiting a dealer’s lot personally, online auctions allow people to buy cars from the comfort of their homes. Feel free to choose which method is more convenient for you.

The Benefits of Retirement Communities for the Active Elderly

Nowadays, everybody is making a more conscious effort to take care of their health, and live longer lives. Many of those retired are choosing to reside in active retirement communities to socialize with other residents their age who have the same type of interests and living conditions in mind. If you are searching for new homes in New York, here are a few reasons a retirement community can make retirement become the best time of your life.

No Need for Maintenance

Owning your own property, whether a home or apartment, equates to endless chores, repairs, and other property maintenance you have to handle. At a retirement home, interior and exterior property maintenance is taken care of, and your time is spent on other, more enjoyable and relaxing pursuits that don’t involve having to get on your knees and getting your hands dirty.

Relax and Improve Your Health

A retirement community in New York is a place where you can take the time to utterly relax, as well as exercise your body and mind in a multitude of ways. There are plenty of amenities to keep you entertained, never running out of things to do. These amenities often include clubhouses, gyms, spas, golf courses, swimming pools, and more where you are encouraged to stay active and fit through swimming, dancing, walking, golf, and other recreational activities. There may even be a recreation room where social events, such as bingo, dances, or movie nights take place.

Play Golf

Retirement communities are also ideal for those fond of playing golf. Oftentimes, the golf courses of clubhouses are better maintained than most public courses. You’ll also be able to play during the best tee times and meet new playing partners.

A retirement community is one of the best investments you can partake in as a retiree. This ensures you continue to live a good life as you grow older in a living area suitable for your needs. There are many adult communities in New York to consider. Try searching online for one that best suits your needs.

Make It Sunnier in Your Home with a Sunroom

Natural light makes your home interior more appealing. If you want to achieve that warm and ethereal feel for your home, why not build a sunroom? A sunroom can be a wonderful addition to your home and you can use it for different purposes. This enclosure with glass walls can be used as an entertainment area, your second living room, or breakfast area.

Four season sunrooms, a variation of this lounge, are also in trend nowadays. They have plenty of insulations in the ceilings, walls, and glass, so they can withstand the changing seasons. In addition, you can choose if your sunroom is going to be freestanding or attached to your home. Here are some things you need to take into account when building a sunroom.

Specify the Purpose

Ask yourself how you’re going to use the room. Is it going to be an entertainment area? Do you host parties frequently? Do you want to use it as a greenhouse? Determining the main purpose of your sunroom will help you gauge which style is appropriate and how much you’re going to spend for it.

Think About the Style and Cost

Choosing a design will depend on the purpose of your sunroom. If you want to get that feel of British afternoon tea parties, you can build a Victorian-inspired enclosure. A sunroom that uses wood as its main foundation is ideal for those who want a rustic feel.

Budget is also worth considering, as building may require you to shell out a great deal of money. For instance, four seasons sunrooms cost can be high, as they require special materials to make sure that the structure can withstand varying temperatures.

Decide If You’re Going to Hire a Builder

This is one of the first things you need to define. Many choose to build their sunrooms themselves, while others hire a professional builder to do it for them. If you decide to build it on your own, it won’t be difficult, as there are different sunroom kits in the market. All you have to do is to choose the kit that suits your design plan.

While doing it yourself will make sure that what you’re going to build is really your own, getting a builder, on the other hand, will reduce building lapses. If you’re thinking about this option, make sure you only work with a reliable contractor. Visit this link to see what a reputable building company can offer you.


Eye Saw the Sign: Knowing when to Get Orbital Surgery

The orbit of the eye is the socket that keeps the eye and its parts in place. It may refer to the bony cavity or its content. Each orbit has an apex, a base and four walls. It protects the eye from injuries. Certain conditions, such as exophthalmos and trauma, can damage the orbit. Most doctors often recommend an orbital surgery to solve the problem.

Reconstructing the Eye

Orbital decompression and reconstruction are common procedures done to the orbit. When doctors perform reconstructions, they often put an artificial eye in the orbit to replace the natural eye. This glass eye does not provide vision. The patient is completely blind or has a monocular vision.

Decompressing the Eye Socket

Doctors perform orbital decompression on patients suffering from Grave’s Disease and those with Exophthalmos or bulging eyes. Grave’s Disease is a condition where the thyroid produces large amounts of thyroid hormones. Bulging eyes is a common symptom of this disease. However, Exophthalmos is also common in patients with orbital tumors. To differentiate these two occurrences, remember that patients with an orbital tumor have a unilateral exophthalmos. If you have bilateral bulging of the eyes, you’re suffering from Grave’s Disease.

Understanding Exophthalmos

Exophthalmos happens when the eye muscles swell and, in the process, move the eye forward until it protrudes. In an orbital decompression, the doctor cuts a portion of the bone socket. This results in extra room for the swelling, which allows the eye to move back to its original position.

Research shows that doctors perform 60% of orbital decompression cases on patients with mild to severe conditions of exophthalmos. 3.9% of these procedures relieve vision loss in compressive neuropathy. The study further shows that antral-ethmoidal decompression done through the transantral approach is more effective in relieving compression than the trans lid approach. However, the latter can help improve muscle balance while the former can worsen it. Not every procedure is good and works for every patient. Your doctor can help you determine the right approach for your condition.

If you’re suffering from Grave’s Disease or compressive Neuropathy, considering orbital surgery may help improve your condition. Visit your doctor and find out the best way to deal with your condition.

Is Unlocking Your BlackBerry the Smart Thing to Do?

Unlocking a BlackBerry removes the limits a mobile carrier sets on a phone unit. Through paid unlocking services, people can unlock their BB and unleash a number of hidden features.

Broadening Options

There are many benefits to using an unlocked smart phone. People who want to switch over to a different network, perhaps to save costs or to switch to one with better mobile reception, can still use their current mobile phone by unlocking it. Buying a new (subscriber identity module) SIM card from a different network and using it on an unlocked phone is more affordable than buying a new phone unit along with a new mobile contract.

Businesses may also benefit from these. Large corporations can also switch to a carrier with better corporate deals anytime and still let employees use the same units. Additionally, they can customize unlocked handsets for better control on devices they distribute, making sure people follow the company’s communication protocols.

Staying In Touch Worldwide

People travel for two reasons, either for business or for leisure. Either way, a locked mobile phone unit sometimes doesn’t work in certain countries, or would need a costly roaming plan to work. With an unlocked unit, people abroad can temporarily use a local SIM card to make calls and send SMS.

Many countries like Australia, Thailand, and the United Kingdom have traveler’s SIM cards that provide visitors with affordable mobile access. This often includes free talk time, text messages, Internet access, or a combination of the three. This also gives traveling BB users access to things such as social media apps, mobile travel guides, and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) that may probably cost double or triple through roaming plans.

Getting Exclusive Phones Is Easier

Sometimes, certain BlackBerry units are available only in certain countries, or only via specific mobile carriers. By unlocking them, these units become easily available to those outside the niche. People who own rare BB units can resell their phone for a premium price, while those who want a specific exclusive model don’t have to look too far to get their hands on one.

Sites like iUnlockBlackberry.com help users easily unlock their phone for a small fee. Visit their website to find out the steps in doing so.

The Benefits of Earning an MBA Degree

Earning a master’s degree for Business Administration can help boost your career. It helps you understand better the processes involved in managing a business and lets you learn the new trends in the industry. Attending school and making time for classes, however, can be very difficult, especially if you are working. This is where you’ll need online MBA programs.

An online MBA program helps you advance in your career and increase your potential without putting any jobs on hold. It lets you finish a master’s degree in Business Administration even if you are working. This means you can study at your own time and in the comfort of home. Online programs give you the flexibility to allocate time for studies around your professional working life.

What You’ll Learn

MBA programs prepare students in the functional areas of business. The programs help develop managerial skills necessary to be effective in the rapidly changing business environment. They also enable students to work at the executive level in both the private and public sectors, equipping them with skills in management, marketing, finance, and other business fields.

Students enrolled in top online MBA programs also develop a thorough understanding of current theories, issues regarding the management of people and resources, and practical skills to solve problems in an organization.

The Benefits

After earning a master’s degree, you’ll have an opportunity to advance in your career path. The degree lets you explore more job options and provides you with the training necessary should you decide to change careers in the future. According to a report, the median base salary for MBA graduates going into consulting was £74,000; for corporate sector jobs, it was slightly lower at £70,000; and for jobs in the financial sector, it was £65,000. Earning an MBA degree can also give you the knowledge required to start your own business. Research has shown that the failure rate for small businesses started by MBAs is about 50 per cent less than the standard failure rate.

What You Can Pursue After

Regardless of the fields in which they operate, almost all companies and organizations need MBA professionals. Some of the most popular jobs for MBA graduates include roles such as corporate communications manager, accountant, corporate recruiter, business manager, financial analyst, executive recruiter, advertising executive, and credit analyst.

MBA degree holders frequently lead to upper management positions. They have the opportunity to move up the career ladder faster than non-MBA counterparts do. To learn more about online MBA programs, visit www.educlassesonline.com/master-of-business-administration-mba.html.

Planting the Roots: First-time Home Buying

For many people, owning a house is one of the best ways of securing their future. If they do well on their monthly mortgage payments, there’s a big chance that even if they don’t have a lot of money for their retirement years, they are guaranteed basic shelter.

Many first-time homebuyers, though, have probably no idea about the often-stressful experience of buying a home. They often learn it the hard way, making a wrong turn somewhere in the process, which ultimately costs them time, money, and effort. There’s this fear of the entire home buying process that they can’t seem to shake off. They feel unsure about where to go, which to choose, how much they can afford, and how the mortgage for first-time homebuyers work.

Timing is (not) Everything

Getting approved for a mortgage for a first-time homebuyer in California, for example, finding the right agent, finding the perfect home and staying within your set budget are often the challenges. Many people will tell you that there’s a perfect time for that, and you have to wait it out.

But as with anything, things never go as planned. It’s most likely that there will never be a perfect time to break up with someone, to have that root canal, or to buy a home. The right time is now. If you find a home you want and love, don’t go second-guessing interest rates and the current trends in the housing market.

A good home doesn’t stay on the market for long. So, if you see one that you like and is on sale, then go check it out. It’s always best to live in the moment, and if you see a house that you want to live in, check it out before a SOLD sticker is placed on it.

The Right Preparations

Before heading out and visiting open houses, you should already know your financial capabilities. Even if you’re looking for mortgage for first-time homebuyers in North Carolina, for example, having an approved mortgage before you begin home shopping makes the whole thing easier. Your mortgage approval will tell you how much you can afford. It will also help you get a much better deal, as sellers will take you more seriously seeing that you have done your homework.

If you’re ready to take the next step in securing your future, get every bit of help you can to make sure you are indeed getting a deal that’s worth it.