Corporate Videos: Why It’s Not Rocket Science

Corporate Videos: Why It’s Not Rocket Science

Effective advertising means touching the hearts and minds of customers. Whether it’s a 10-second video or a short owner interview, your video should move customers to making a positive action. From pre-production to final touch ups, it should flow seamlessly and reflect your business’ vision and goals.

Think story

Customers want you to tell a story and take them to a new journey. Don’t tell them about your company’s history or the figures behind your products and services. Create a stunning storyline that obviously reflects your company’s goals and highlights the benefits from buying your product or service.

Think compatibility

No matter how great your corporate video is, you can’t gain viewers if it lacks software compatibility. You can provide your viewers with a download link for free UMPlayer for Windows 7 at first to make sure they will have no problems when watching your corporate video.

Think short

You obviously can’t tell it all in a short video. But you also don’t want to make it lengthy as it will just make the video boring. You are creating a corporate video to make viewers aware about your services, not to tell them the whole story of your business.

Think emotion

Convey an emotion and do away with posting PDFs, charts, figures, or spreadsheets. Let energy and enthusiasm flow and the business will follow.

Think honesty

Providing your viewers with a factual presentation of your services will likely be more effective than giving false promises. This doesn’t mean you have to brag about your achievements. Avoid overselling. Provide facts and let customers realize that you’re worth doing business with.

Finally, think like a viewer. You can easily tell whether you need video needs revisions or not by criticizing it. With the right tools and knowledge, you’ll get a creative and intriguing video that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on your market.

You can download free UMPlayer for Windows 7 by visiting Video Softwares to maximize your video compatibility.

Payment Terminals: Making Transactions Easy and Convenient

Easy-to-use payment terminals are a great help for retailers who sell different products using different methods. Such payment devices can help you accept a range of payment types such as credit cards, debit cards, and electronic benefits transfer. With the incorporation of new methods such as touchscreens, biometry, and GPRS, making and collecting payment has never been so easy.

To acquire a payment terminal, determine the right device that suits your business. Here are some of most commonly used payment terminals, which can make payment transactions convenient.

Wireless Payment

The wireless payment terminal lets you offer payment convenience on the go. Wireless connectivity such as the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPRS ensures the security of transactions at difficult environments. This is ideal for accepting payments in delivery operations and hospitals. It delivers high-end functionality to merchants who need to maximize profits and improve customer service.

Signature Capture Range

If you’re looking for a payment terminal for your network business or retail market, the signature capture range is the one for you. Equipped with color screen and wireless connectivity, this device delivers a contactless secure and immediate transaction. It also delivers highly scalable options in medium and low transaction environments, as well as high street banks.


With PIN pad payment terminals from Ingenico, you can now accept payments that require a Personal Identification Number (PIN). These are ideal for traditional sale segments such as retail stores or restaurant chains. This is designed to increase the security of any transaction and allows you to offer an additional payment choice.

Unattended Payment Range

Unattended payment terminals are great for self-service, 24-hour chain stores, ticketing, and parking businesses. These have modular designs and can be adapted to fit any automated teller machine. They are also strong and highly resistant to wear, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor environments. They offer connectivity with unparalleled support to enable easy transaction in any self-service environment.

Web POS Range

Web POS payment terminal combines innovation and high performance to speed up the implementation of new business applications and services. It is perfect for host services, transforming a point of sales terminal into a point of service and affinity.

These out-of-the-box payment terminals can make any payment transaction easy. Whatever type of business you own, advanced payment devices can guarantee unrivalled level of security, speed, and integration of convenience and design. You can visit a reliable Ingenico distributor to learn more about these payment terminals.

Four Elements of Search-Engine Friendly Web Design

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website on search engines. Internet marketers use this technique to increase web visitors, generate leads, and improve sales.

The first step to any kind of SEO campaign is to have a search-engine friendly website design. Your website plays a big role in your optimisation campaign. It’s important to make it easy for search engines to navigate through your pages and analyse your content. Otherwise, you’ll have a difficult time reaching your search engine marketing goals.

An expert working for an SEO and digital marketing shares some elements you should have when creating an SEO-friendly website.


Some websites only have a few of their pages visible on search engines. This happens due to different factors, including not having a sitemap.

A sitemap helps search engines index all of your pages. When search engines find all of your pages, they can include these on their results pages. The more traffic your pages generate from specific keywords, the higher your rankings will be.

Alt Text

Search engines can’t read images. If you have many pictures on your website, search engines won’t identify them as such. You lose valuable opportunities of optimising your website through images. To maximise the use of your images, use an alt attribute for all of your photos. Usually, you’ll see SEO and Web development company in Sydney using <img alt=”your keyword”> to attribute text to your images. Experts recommend using your keywords on your images.

Meta Elements

These elements provide structured data about a web page. Many SEO professionals use different attributes for a single page. Meta elements help search engines determine the keywords that your pages are relevant for. These also help search engines categorise your pages properly.

SEO Content

The bulk of search engine optimisation focuses on web content. Search engines use web content to rank your website for specific keywords. Google’s algorithm changes encourage SEO experts to produce high-quality and valuable content instead of filling a page with many keywords.

Developing a search engine-friendly website is the foundation of a good SEO campaign. Visit for more information on this digital marketing technique

Hottest Advertising Trends of the Year

Advertising agencies are on an ongoing quest to engage consumers. They want their target market to look and listen their way through strategic advertising that encourages consumers to respond with a product purchase. With the onset of every new year, fresh advertising trends start to emerge. This year’s marketing trends are technological in nature, with some traditional methods continuing to grow in popularity as well. Here are a few of the emerging advertising trends this year.

Multi-Screen Viewing

Many consumers tune in to television alongside other devices. Almost 40% of Americans use a smartphone or tablet while watching TV. What does that mean for your brand? This provides you with plenty of targeted advertising opportunities allowing you to partner with broadcasters while simultaneously offering collateral material to your audience.


Hashtags are a great way to build support for your brand or product through Twitter. With a little bit of creativity, you’ll be able to get people talking about you on a global scale. Start a conversation or join in on a larger, hashtag conversation to market your brand.

Direct Mail

Direct mail still provides a great shot at finding clients and customers. This old favorite is scanned or read by 81% of households. Increase your chance of having your campaign get noticed by shipping interactive direct mail that readers will enjoy reading or playing with.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a new concept that has been grabbing the attention of countless smartphone and tablet users. It allows users to point their gadget’s cameras at particular objects, such as print ads or coffee cups, that’ll launch a video on their gadget. This space-age marketing tool appeals to the millennial generation, as well as to children and grandparents.

Keeping up with advertising trends is an efficient way for marketers to spark interest in their target market. Top advertising agencies are always on the lookout for the latest advertising trend to launch their client’s brand to success and keep their brand relevant. Staying in the loop ensures you are where your market is, and that you have their attention.

The Résumé of an Excellent Marketer

Marketing is a moneymaking endeavour. It offers many opportunities to hone your creativity and expand your network. Learning the science of selling means working closely with the top corporations, thus the amount you could possibly earn is immeasurable. You won’t also get stuck into a tedious line of work, as marketing involves a variety of challenging yet interesting jobs.

In marketing, you have to compete with the best to land a job in a leading firm. Whether you’re just in the entry level or a seasoned marketer, the key to securing a position begins with your résumé. More than a diploma and the integrity of your university, other things also matter.

Great Communication Skills

Your ability to speak and write well is your main strength. Coupled with a creative mind, you’d easily become an indispensible talent of any company. You have to be proficient in English both in written and spoken form. Your grammar has to be clean, and you also have to carry yourself with confidence.

Savvy of Different Media

You need a great understanding of both modern and traditional channels. Keep all the theories you learn from school and enrich your experience in different forms of media. As more businesses are going online today, it pays to have a basic knowledge on how to use the most popular social media. You have to be well-versed in the basics of the marketplaces consumers go. Sydney-based sales and marketing recruitment agencies always have an eye for raw talents with great potential waiting to be polished.

Overall Package

Skills and knowledge are not enough. Much like in any fields, being presentable and well-groomed is like the icing on the cake to complete your package as a strong candidate for position. Your character plays a significant role to prove yourself worthy of a marketing position. You should be a team player, adaptable to different working environments, and highly trainable. The willingness to go the extra mile sets good employees apart from the bad ones.

Marketing is here to stay. For as long as businesses and consumers exist, a career in marketing will always be a good path to take. As Melbourne companies specialising in recruitment services no longer just look at a candidate’s education, make sure that your résumé benefits your application.

Facebook Says Governments Demanded 38K Users’ Data

Facebook said on Tuesday that government agents in as many as 74 countries demanded the data of 38000 users of the social media site in the first half of the year. The company added that more than half of the orders came from the United States’ authorities.

facebook mobileFacebook – A Boon or a Bane?

Facebook is the latest to release news of various governments asking for information about social media users. The reason for administrations asking for such data is that off late many activists targeting the governments have taken to these online platforms.

The recent case in point in the anti-government protests in Turkey in May and June which prompted the nation’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to call the network as the ‘worst menace to the society’.

Facebook insiders defended themselves by saying that they fight many such requests and oblige only those sans any legal deficiencies and with a clear purpose.

Starting Your Own Jewelry Line

Sterling silver jewelry will always be in demand because of its attractive, yet low-cost quality in relation to many other precious metals. If you plan on selling beautiful pieces of silver, find the niche for you and enjoy a vast market. Here are a few ways to start your own jewelry line.

Create a Brand

Before you start selling your products, come up with a great brand that buyers and potential customers are sure to remember. Develop a catchy name, set the right selling price, and design an attractive logo. Once your brand is ready, buy wholesale sterling silver from a trustworthy seller, design your own pieces or sell it as it is, and start marketing to your friends and acquaintances.

Begin Selling

Get your product out there in as many ways as you can. Wear your own product and have influential personalities wear it as well. Bring your products with you wherever you go, so when the opportunity arises, you can make a sale. In no time you’ll develop a reputation as the go-to person for those in search of gifts or accessories.

Take advantage of social media or set up your own website allowing online purchases through PayPal. Selling through eBay is another economical alternative. Send out links to everyone in your address book.

Where You Can Sell Your Jewelry

Display and sell your jewelry at home parties. There are plenty of home party organizations that’ll offer you all the materials you’ll need to do business. Find ways to beautifully display and show off your products as you welcome party guests over to your set up. Make sure to do some networking with invited guests and ask them if they have any friends or referrals. As referrals lead to more referrals, you’ll expand business in no time.

Another option is to rent a booth at a flea market. These open-air fairs are a proven way to keep your overhead costs low. Don’t be afraid to participate in fairs not targeted towards jewelry buyers. Even though you might be the only one selling jewelry there, it’ll mean less competition and more buyers.

Make the world a more beautiful place by adorning it with pieces of glistening jewelry, one at a time. Selling jewelry is fun, and pretty soon you’ll be looking forward to selling large amounts of wholesale sterling silver jewelry to big clients, like department stores.

Syria Okays Chemical Weapons Probe By UN

The-UN-chemical-weaponsSyria has agreed on Sunday to allow an investigation by the UN into the alleged use of chemical weapons last week outside Damascus that ruthlessly killed several innocents. However, a senior White House official has dismissed the deal as being ‘too late to be credible’ and added that there is ‘very little doubt’ that the Syrian president Bashar Assad’s forces had resorted to such violence.

US might be close to armed response

This hardening of the US stance came after increased pressure to boost military action. And an indication that the government is responding to these calls is the fact that naval forces have been sent to the Syrian coastal waters, although President Barack Obama has cautioned against hasty action.

Backing US in the use of military action in Syria are France, Britain and Israel. Hence, should the UN confirm the use of chemical agents, it would add a whole new trajectory to the Syrian civil war.

Keeping Burglars Out of Your Window

One of the most common ways for burglars to break into a home is through a window. They know that windows can be vulnerable, so they’ll do everything to exploit this weakness. Securing all your windows is a good first step in making your house and family safe from criminals. To help you out, here are some things that you should think about:

Be alert

One of the reasons windows are the usual entry points for burglars is that homeowners often forget to lock them. So, before going to sleep or traveling, lock every window in your house, from the basement to the attic. You should also check their condition regularly to make sure that no one would be able to shake them loose or pry them open.

Improve your security measures

As most windows are made of glass, burglars can smash them easily. Years of wear and tear can also make the locks loose, allowing anyone to open the window forcibly just by shaking it. You can improve your windows’ security by using strong locks and solid grills. Fitting reinforced glass can also prevent forcible entry, as it can be hard to break. Another way of minimizing your windows’ vulnerability is by installing a good home security system.

Don’t tempt the burglars

Discouraging the prying eyes of burglars is part of protecting your home. So, draw the curtains or shades when you’re not at home and at night. Covering the windows, especially the ones on the first floor, can help keep the burglars off your property.

Burglary and other property crimes are important concerns in the Carolina as much as anywhere else in the country. According to statistics, completed household burglaries across the U.S. involve entry with or without force. This means criminals can enter a residence any way they want. To avoid this, you have to improve the security of your home. Contact a security agency in Carolina if you need advice and assistance in assessing how vulnerable your home is. They will also offer recommendations on how to improve the security of your windows.

How to Choose Digital SLR Lenses

Digital SLR lenses are as diverse as the number of digital cameras. They come in all shapes and sizes, with a substantial price difference between them. DSLRs like Olympus OM-D E-M5 come with a stock lens, but you can replace it with another that has a different depth of field and zoom qualities.

If you’re changing digital camera lenses, here are some things to think about:

The focal length

If you love shooting far-off objects without coming closer to it, you’ll need a longer focal length. The ideal focal length for taking photos of objects at a distance ranges between 80 to 300 mm. It’s also great for capturing sports events from your seat in the gallery. For portrait photography, 35–85 mm standard lenses are the popular choice.

Prime or zoom lens

Determine whether you need prime or zoom lens. Light and low-cost, a prime lens comes with a fixed focal length. Changing your angle of view with a prime lens will require you to move your camera back and forth. On the other hand, zoom lens has an adjustable focal length. Although a bit costly than primes, zoom lens are flexible. They allow you to stay in one spot and achieve the composition you want.

Maximum aperture

Some lens can open up much wider than others can. Those that open up wider let more light through onto the sensor. The limitation to how wide a lens can open is known as the maximum aperture. A lens that has a wider maximum aperture can let in more light. If you often take photos in the dimmest lighting conditions, you’ll need a lens with a very wide maximum aperture. If you only shoot in broad daylight, a wide maximum aperture isn’t necessary.

First or third party lenses

First party lenses are not compatible with cameras from different manufacturers although they are interchangeable with different models from the same manufacturer. On the other hand, the third party lenses are attachable to cameras from different manufacturers, provided the lens mount is correct.

Regardless of your preferences, there are different DLSR lenses to choose from. If you need to replace the lens of your Olympus OM-D, read some reviews online to narrow down your choices.