Sephora To Appeal A Court Order That Bans Night – Time Shopping

Sephora To Appeal A Court Order That Bans Night – Time Shopping

sephoraFrench cosmetics maker Sephora has become the new front line in France’s battle over labor law, which the company said it would appeal a federal court that order to close its Paris branch by 9pm after allegedly breaking the law banning late-night work.

French labor laws

French luxury-goods giant said that it would fight for the right to continue keeping its flagship Sephora perfume and cosmetics store.

The appeals court argued that the store broke the country’s labor laws by hosting consumers until midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends.

Under the court ruling, the store will be required to start closing its store on the famous Paris avenue within 10 days.

Benefit of flexible working hours

In France, the issue of store hours has long been a contentious subject, with retailers saying that flexible working hours help them tap into business from tourists.

Advocates of more-limited hours argue that allowing employees to stay late at work can prevent families from spending time together.

Sephora, who main stores in Paris produces 20% of its total profit from post-9pm sales, said it would comply with the court order pending the result of the appeal.

The ruling gave the company little option but to comply.

installing home security

How to Save on Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Costs

installing home securityIt’s common for homeowner’s insurance coverage costs to increase over the years. Fortunately, there are different methods to save on this kind of coverage, including:

Car and Home Discounts

Insuring a car and home with the same insurance company often provides homeowners with package discounts, which is a good tool to use when shopping around. When negotiating with insurance companies, ask the agents to tell you the percentage of the discount for insuring a car and home together.


Raising deductibles can lead to substantial savings. Large deductibles are also ideal for preventing homeowners from using their small claims, as most insurance companies are now adding surcharges to single claims. Surcharges can range between 10 to 85 percent, depending on the number of claims you file during a given period.

Home Security Alarm Systems

Home security alarm systems can prevent losses, and make houses less of an insurance risk.

There are two main kinds of home security alarm systems: monitored and unmonitored home security alarm systems. Most companies offering these alarm systems can offer you a discount. To receive more savings, get alarm systems that contact local police and fire departments directly.

Deadbolt Locks

Using deadbolt locks on every door can give you a discount on the insurance coverage.
When negotiating with insurance companies, tell the agent about the deadbolt locks. Make sure that all the doors have the locks, as discounts often only applies when there are locks on each door.

Smoke Alarm Systems

Preventing fire losses is important to homeowners and insurance companies alike. Claims due to fires are costly, and insurance companies often give additional discounts for even one permanent fire alarm in the home.

Sprinkler Systems

Even though most people think of this as just an additional cost, installing sprinkler systems in case of fires can also help you save on insurance coverage costs.

Apart from those mentioned above, you can use other methods to help save on homeowner’s insurance coverage costs. To learn about these other methods, visit this website.

Surfing Industry Has Seen Better Days

The surfing industry is struggling, as surfing’s biggest names and retailers are experiencing market saturation.

surfSurfing’s industry and culture

Billabong recently reported a $536 million profit loss and half of allsurf shops all over the world shut down during the recession. That is why the future of the surfing industry is being debated by some of the biggest retailers.

For some, surf parks use huge pools to create artificial waves that provide opportunities for the sport to grow. Manyretailers, however,are worried about the effects of artificial waves on the sport’s treasured and unique culture.

Benefits of artificial waves

At the Surf Park Summit, industry experts gathered together with business owners, engineers, and designers to talk about the feasibility of surf parks to lure pro surfers.

Surfboard makers, apparel retailers, and serious surfers all approved the plan and agree that there are truly benefits to artificial waves.

The marketing strategy is an obvious benefit to retailers, but it’s also appealing to advocates of a national surf league. Many critics argue that the environmental toll of huge waves is antithetical to the surfing culture.

Whether the artificial waves are chlorinated, salty, or predictable waves, the famous Hawaiian waterman once said that, “the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”

Another Private Company Zooms To The ISS

A commercial cargo ship belonging to the Oriental Sciences Corp. successfully rocketed towards the International Space Station on Wednesday making it the second of NASA’s private suppliers for the orbiting laboratory.

orbital sciences corpLook out ISS, here we come!

Orbital Sciences, a Virginia-based company, launched its first-ever space supply ship from the Virginia Eastern Shore which was also the departing point for a NASA moonshot just around two weeks ago.

The company tweeted about the launch and said ‘Look out ISS, here we come!’

The capsule that rocketed to the ISS is named Cygnus and is carrying 1300 pounds of food, clothing and other goodies for the astronauts working at the high-flying lab. It is due at the space station on Sunday. Cygnus was launched via the rocket, Antares which blasted into a clear sky from the Wallops Flight Facility.

Before Oriental Sciences, a California-based company SpaceX had been delivering supplies to the space outpost for more than a year under a contract with NASA.

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The Land of the Scots: Things Uniquely Scottish

clean boutique hotelModern-day Scotland still pays tribute to its rich history and heritage, while being able to blend an array of cultures from around the world. Even with all the mix, however, there are still several icons that are uniquely and recognisably Scottish that’s worth understanding whenever one comes to visit the country.

From the bagpipes, tartans, to the often mistaken skirt for men, the kilt, here’s a quick look at things that are truly Scottish and how they came to be. It may be a great heads up if you’re planning to visit this European country anytime soon.

The Bagpipe

While staying at one of the amazing boutique hotels in Scotland, you’ll probably hear the sirens of bagpipes blowing nearby. The great Highland bagpipe is considered the national instrument of the country, and is definitely one of the most iconic symbols of Scottish culture.

The playing of the bagpipe is deeply connected to the Gaelic language and culture of Scotland, which almost serves as tradition being passed down orally, or more specifically, by blowing.

The Tartan

Staying in one of the clean and cosy boutique hotels in Scotland, it’s not unusual to find people wearing coloured clothes with different patterns and symbols on it, this is the tartan. With its colourful threads and traditional patterns, the Tartan is the country’s most famous textile and one of its most iconic products.

Just like most traditional garbs of different tribes around the world, the tartan originated in the Highlands where clans’ people made use of indigenous plants, mosses, and berries to dye their cloth before spinning and weaving it. Back then, the interwoven vertical and horizontal patterns were unique to each clan, but now, it’s more for fashion and marketing.

The Kilt

As with most Scottish tradition, the famous kilt originated in the Highlands. It was previously an untailored, 5 metre-long plaid cloth that was worn to cover the whole body and was belted at the waist. Back then, it doubled as an overcoat and a literal blanket. The Gaelic word ‘plaid’ actually means ‘blanket’.

Over time, it was shortened to the skirt-like garment we know today. It became popular when the British started using it, as the British aristocracy then considered all things Scottish a fashion statement. Today, the kilt still makes it appearances at special occasions such as weddings and the Highland games. Men also frequently pair this with their clan tartan, giving them a sense of heritage, passed on from generation to generation.

Scotland is more than just about the Loch Ness monster, Gordon Ramsay, or Haggis. It’s a country filled with centuries of heritage and culture, and one that’s definitely worth visiting anytime.

The Flourishing Oil and Gas Industry of Alberta

oil industryCalgary, Alberta is known for its booming oil and gas industry. The city’s success in this industry has led to a thriving business environment for other sectors as well. Calgary has since become the home of different manufacturing companies, drilling firms, energy-related start-ups, and R&D centers.

Major players in the international oil and gas market enjoy a strong presence in the city. In fact, large oil and gas firms in Calgary contribute billions of dollars in energy projects to the province of Alberta.

Conventional oil

Calgary is home to many large North American pipeline and energy distribution firms. In general, the emergence of the conventional oil industry in Alberta gave rise to major energy infrastructures that aim to discover, drill, and distribute oil to the wider market.

An Alberta Energy study shows that the province produces 459,000 barrels of conventional light, medium, and heavy crude in a day. This output makes up about 24 percent of Alberta’s entire crude oil production. This is also equal to 17 percent of the total crude oil production of Canada.

Natural gas

Mainly consisting of methane and other gas, natural gas is extracted from drilled wells before being transported through pipelines to a plant for processing. The process aims to separate the liquids and gases. Calgary oil and gas companies transport the processed gas to consumers for heating purposes or manufacturing products like plastics. Natural gas is also useful for oil sands and generating electric power, which authorities consider as key to expanding Alberta’s energy industry.

In total, Alberta’s natural gas reserves amount to around 917 trillion cubic feet. This includes conventional natural gas reserves along with coal bed methane reserves. Alberta Energy places the province’s recoverable, conventional natural gas at 73 trillion cubic feet.

Alberta’s existing pipeline infrastructure totals more than 403,000 kilometers of crude oil and natural gas. The province’s network of operating pipelines connects main production areas, markets, and export terminals across North America. As Alberta develops new export pipelines and expansions, its gas becomes fully integrated into the North American marketplace.

Social Media

SEO Quick Fixes: Small Things Local Businesses Can Do to Boost their SEO

As Google continues to make significant changes, search marketers need to be savvy in implementing online strategies. These online strategies call for substantial effort, but small wins can also go a long way when it comes to adding as much value for users. All it takes is smart planning to develop a solid online strategy. Let’s start with 50 quick fixes that you should be doing today for improved local SEO:

Research and Analyze

1. Know your blind spots. Find out the aspects of your SEO strategies that need improvement. Work on these points to develop a good strategy.
2. Create a checklist of your goals so you can determine the strategies that can best work for your campaigns. Consult your development team to know how you can fit the SEO tweaks to your current plan.
3. Define your target audience to find out how you can reach them more efficiently.
4. Know the competition.
5. Make a local survey. This can be helpful for content production and brand-building strategies.
6. Talk with clients and know the things they’re working outside the campaign. The information might be of great help for your web strategies.
7. Interview experts, as these are the people who influence the industry.
8. Answer frequently asked questions within your industry to brainstorm strategies and content ideas.
9. Set up Google Alerts when answering these questions. Link your answers to your site.

Work on Your Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Plan10. Put your content into context. Know the purpose of your content to create the right message that will connect to your audience.
11. Think about relevancy. Users must be able to connect your blog or news article to your brand.
12. Be creative. It pays to think out of the box to address the changing algorithms and user behaviors.
13. Map out your content marketing plan with people involved in content creation so you can auto-send reminders and stay right on schedule.
14. Set up Google Authorship to establish credibility. Encourage your team to make Google+ profiles and show them how they can share their own content and link up their author profiles.
15. Tap into your writers’ potential. Make sure they understand how to create different types of content for immediate conversions and improved visibility.
16. Optimize wisely. Relevant keywords and quality links are the way to go when it comes to creating good content for improved web rankings.
17. Reply to comments on your content and interact with users.
18. Be active on forums within your niche and contribute your own ideas. Follow experts so you can stay updated with news in your industry.

Focus on Your Site’s On-Page and Off-page Optimization

19. Know your on-page priorities.
20. Optimize title tags for improved relevance.
21. Your URL structure should be clean. This means using key phrases where appropriate.
22. Improve the site’s navigation structure, including internal linking and breadcrumbs.
23. Check and fix any internal or external duplicate content.
24. Add alt-tags. Use keywords where appropriate to better optimize the page.
25. Check for poor quality backlinks and anchor texts. Look for broken links to keep your link profile clean.

Include Rich Media

Rich Media26. YouTube and other streaming sites can help when it comes to generating traffic. Create a channel and make keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags.
27. Add images to your business profile, local citation sources, and blog posts to boost credibility and authorship.
28. Create videos for improved user experience. You can use these videos to promote products or services, share news, or provide information.
29. Use Slide Share, Google Docs, and other online spreadsheets to distribute scanned marketing materials such as brochures, catalogs, and flyers.
30. Add infographics to provide summarized information on products and services.

Aim for Local Wins

31. Update business addresses on Google+ Local.
32. Include photos of your office or store to make your local listing stand out.
33. Sponsor local events. This will help bring your brand closer to your target audience.
34. Encourage users to review your brand on authority websites such as Yelp, Google Places, and TripAdvisor. Give incentives or a product they can use in exchange for the review.
35. Get authoritative bloggers in your local niche and find ways to connect them to your brand.
36. Advertise in local directories such as Thomson Local and Yell. This can help improve visibility while providing you with a good market reach.

Be Social

Social Media37. Keep your profile updated. A complete profile improves credibility and provides users more information about your brand.
38. Word of mouth is important. Comments, likes, shares, and tweets are great ways to make a content go viral.
39. Build your market. Create a community with active followers so you can spread word about your brand.
40. Always remember that social media is all about engaging with users and building trust. Be interactive and strike up conversations.
41. A study shows that 80 percent of users prefer to connect with brands through their social media profiles. Update your status and tweets regularly.
42. Consistent quality is important. Create content that is worthy of sharing. Make a good pitch that will prompt users to share or tweet your post on their social profiles.
43. Promote upcoming events. Be sure to include registration links and event descriptions.
44. Encourage your staff to connect their profiles to your brand. This can serve as a new source of content that your audience can follow.

Build Relationships

45. Make it a point to stay in touch with important contacts, whether it’s through phone, email, or social media.
46. Establish relationship with key influencers. Inviting them to a lunch or arranging a meeting can be a perfect opportunity to build a network for your business.
47. Provide testimonials about your products and services. These can serve as trust signals.
48. Reward loyal fans with incentives or exclusive discounts.
49. Treat clients as more than just a revenue stream. The more you have personal interactions, the better chances you have of creating a strong professional relationship.
50. Go beyond individual project development. Work on establishing a good partnership with clients.

Final Thoughts

SEO strategies don’t always have to be complex to be successful, as small things can also make a big difference. What matters is you stick to white hat techniques to make your SEO future-proof. It’s also smart to get expert help from reliable SEO providers to implement long-term SEO strategies for local businesses.

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Renting vs. Buying a House: Which One is Right for You?

houses to rentThe housing market continues to change every day. For many people, buying a property is a serious financial decision. This is why some would rather rent for a few years until they’re ready for bigger financial responsibilities. Some people see renting as an alternative to buying a house until they’re more financially capable. Renting, just like buying, has its own set of advantages. When looking for a home, one of the first decisions you have to make is whether to buy or rent a property.

The choice between renting and buying doesn’t only depend on your financial capabilities. You also have to think about other factors, such as your career and your goals.

Length of Stay

Some Liverpool estate agents often ask their clients about the length of time they plan to live in the house. This question helps agents determine whether to offer you rental options or properties for sale. A good rule of thumb is to think about buying if you plan to keep the property for more than five years. This way, you’ll have enough time to recover the expenses related to buying the property. If you feel uncertain about staying in one place for at least five years, renting is a good option. It gives you the convenience of moving in and out of a place without worrying about mortgage payments.


Some people think renting is a waste of money, as you pay for monthly rent and don’t get to own the property in the end. Buying a property doesn’t leave you with more money in your pocket than renting one.

Whether you rent or buy a property, you’ll have regular maintenance expenses. Your lost opportunity costs for renting are only your security deposit, maintenance expenses, and the broker’s fee. You’ll have more lost opportunity costs when you buy a property, as you’ll be shelling out more money initially. These costs include down-payment for the property, broker’s fee, closing expenses, and maintenance costs.

When deciding to rent or buy houses in Liverpool, don’t just think about the initial costs. Consult a reliable estate agent to learn more about your options.

The Perks of Majoring in Theater

Most graduates of performing arts schools in Pennsylvania clearly want a career in the theatre, and some of them do. They eventually shine on the stage with the magic of their voices, bodies, hearts, and minds. But there are also many of them who end up successfully doing something else.

There are many traits and qualities that are well-developed in theatre majors, and they are more extensive and important than you recognize.

Confidence and Self-Respect

Theatre goes straight to the soul, addressing that innate lack of self-confidence in each and every student. Overcoming this allows the person to project their individuality, and treasure it. Once this is done, the student is then tested in a variety of jobs, pressures, and responsibilities, eventually developing a Yes I Can attitude that is essential in any employee or entrepreneur.

Oral Communication Skills

Acting teaches you to be comfortable with speaking in front of an audience. This is essential to speaking clearly, lucidly, and thoughtfully, allowing for the development of trust – particularly essential when taking up leadership roles.

Adaptability, Flexibility, and Resilience

Theatre students, whether they’re memorizing lines or grasping for the ropes of technical production, absorb a vast quantity of material quickly and accurately, which is a highly-valued trait to employers. They are also adaptable and flexible, willing to try new ideas, and accept new challenges, as they are used to shifting roles per production number. They also keep on going, even after trying out role after role and getting their hopes dashed on a regular basis.

Dedication and a Goal-Oriented Approach to Work

Theatre students are used to working long hours on production while also taking a heavy academic load. Yes, they develop that kind of focus and self-motivation that they find deeply rewarding. Their load requires them to take charge of their own lives – any employer will respect that ability.

Enthusiasm: the World’s Most Renewable Resource

You only go into theatre for one thing – love for your craft. You can only develop that kind of work ethic only when you find meaning in what you do. This is the energy that fuels theatre majors night after night of physical, emotional, and social stressors. This kind of love is the world’s most renewable resource.

It seems almost incidental to mention that theatre majors from performing arts schools in PA also learn about performance arts, as they actually learn so much more.

Making Concerts More Enjoyable with Binoculars

cool BinocularsEveryone wants a good view when watching a concert. Chances are you would love to see your favourite artists up close to enjoy the music you listen to almost daily on your media player. A live concert can uplift your spirit, but you might end up being disappointed with the crowd. All of you came to the venue with the same purpose, so unless you’ve got a good ticket, expect that it’ll be a jam-packed experience.

Fortunately, you can see every move and facial expression of your favourite artists by using the coolest brand of binoculars. These sport optics are ideal if your seats are a significant distance from the stage. Binoculars will give you the most out of the concerts you’ll attend. It allows you to zoom in on a particular area of the venue, making you feel like you’re in the front row. Before buying, review these specs to get the right type for your needs:

– For standard viewing, a four to 10x zoom is acceptable. Outdoor or open-air concerts need at least seven to 10x zoom or higher, depending on the venue’s size. Indoor concert venues need lower zooming capabilities by up to eight times.

– It’s ideal to look for binoculars with adjustable zooming functions, so you can choose between low or high magnification.

Relative Brightness
– Bright model types with large exit pupil lenses are ideal for dim concert halls and outdoor live events at night.

– Optical performance lenses and prisms can give you the best view of your favourite artists’ movements and facial expressions.

Compact and Lightweight
– Look for small model type binoculars, so it’s easy to carry during the concert. This way, you can put it in your bag when not in use.

– Compact and lightweight models won’t make you feel tired even if you use it for an extended amount of time. Make sure it fits perfectly to your palms and handgrip.

With the use of the amazing Nikon model type binoculars, you can enjoy and watch a concert as if you’re literally in front of your favourite artists. Find a supplier who offers these to get high quality brands for a reasonable price.