Off the Charts: Discovering the World Through Helicopter Charters


Off the Charts: Discovering the World Through Helicopter Charters

helicopterThere are different reasons people are in the market looking for a reliable helicopter charter. Through the years, choppers have proven their worth to modern society. They have been instrumental in many operations and humanitarian efforts around the globe.

This is why many people today want to learn more about these vertical flight vehicles. Because of the critical role they play, their uses have already diversified and branched out into other fields. When used to their full potential, helicopters can change the course of events, particularly in situations where transport solutions are a requirement.

Putting out the Fire

In Australia, bushfires are occurring more frequently, perhaps because of the unusually hotter climate today. Bushfires can inflict considerable damage to local wildlife and environment, and pose serious risks to society.

Wild land fire fighting forces in the country are doing their best to contain the spread of bushfires and prevent future occurrences. A way of suppressing them is by spraying buckets of water mixed with chemical extinguishers directly onto the affected areas. They often go on a helicopter charter to properly even out the job.

Aerial Clinic

Apart from ensuring efficient fire fighting operations, helicopters are also reliable means for delivering health care administration. Some helicopters are made solely for this purpose. They have built-in medical instruments and first-aid essentials for emergencies.

As helicopters are more capable of flying into riskier isolated areas than other aerial transportation means, they are the primary choice for fast-response, search-and-rescue missions. They are easy to deploy and can cover more ground than land vehicles.

Panoramic Views

In filming and photography, angles and perspective are important elements in framing a scene. At times, taking a panoramic shot of a beautiful landscape demands a particular level of elevation. This where the services of professional helicopter handler can be valuable.

Filming on a helicopter takes skills and expertise. You don’t have to only make sure that the angles are right, but you must also take into account the stability of the platform.Highly-trained pilots can effectively make the process easier. They can make it feel like you’re not on a moving helicopter at all.

On a Different Perspective

Seeing the world from above is a one-of-a-kind experience. This why many people go on a helicopter charter to visit exotic locations. There are aerial tours available today, and interested tourists can always consult the service provider for more information.

One of the popular things that people can do while on an aerial tour is crocodile-spotting. It offers a close encounter with the ferocious reptile without even immersing in the rivers. In the Northern Territory, you can spot different species of crocodiles along the many river systems.

Helicopter charters are also an ideal means of flying into otherwise hard-to-reach locations. You can discover unspoiled beaches and visit scenic mountainsides, which can be quite impossible with land trips.

Into the Future

Helicopters help unlock hidden worlds and provide means for essential operations, thus improving the way society perceives the environment. In fact, it might only be just a matter of time before humanity finds another use for these aerial vehicles. For now, they can enjoy the benefits of taking things into the skies.


using video in web designing

Web Essentials: Video Production

using video in web designingOnline videos are among the fastest growing information mediums in the world today. The success of the world’s premier video sharing website, YouTube, is a testament to its effectiveness. More companies are realising that static text and graphics aren’t enough to convince consumers to try their service or products.

If you haven’t already tapped a video production company to highlight your products and services, here are some reasons that may convince you.

Reading takes Effort

Reading takes effort; you wouldn’t be working this hard or taking this much time absorbing the information in this post if it was a narrated video presentation. The same goes with everyone else; they’d rather have a short two to three minute video than a page-long entry with the exact same information.

Let’s say you watch a two-minute video and you can read an article at the same amount of time, but somehow reading the article feels longer than watching the video. This variance is because of the intrinsic differences in the two formats. Videos present information in short bursts, giving the brain a fraction of a second to absorb the information and rest before firing another piece. Text, meanwhile, appears as a large solid block that needs to be swallowed completely.

Writers try to make it easier for readers by chopping the article up into paragraphs as often as they could. However, they just won’t be able to compete with the video in that regard.

Videos are Concise

When people click on something, they want the information right away. They don’t want to have to go through multiple paragraphs just to get the one line they need. Text and graphics take time to describe a sequence of actions or a type of scenery, while videos can do so in a single frame. Any person would take the picture rather than the thousand words any day.

They Get More

People are 40% more likely to be attracted to your site if you have a professionally made video productioninstead of just text. Videos are personal and promise movement.

Videos are an indispensable tool for marketing yourself to the world, people expect more from their online experience and videos are just a step in the right direction.

Lance Armstrong Reveals Details Of Doping Cover-up

Doping was the story Lance Armstrong had denied. When the conversation moved to the subject of that positive test in 1999, he not only agreed but went a bit further.

The bigger conspiracy

Some people always believed there was a bigger conspiracy.

lanceNow, Armstrong finally revealed the full scale of the cover-up, naming former UCI president Hein Verbuggen as a central figure in his escape from punishment.

Armstrong claims Verbuggen knew about his drug abuse and he initiated a cover-up of his doping at the Tour de France in 1999. He explained that Verbruggen encouraged him “to come up with something” to explain his positive drug tests for a banned corticosteroid.

The prescription excuse

Armstrong goes into greater detail about the backdated prescription for a cream to treat saddle sores, which is accepted by The International Cycling Union. That allowed Armstrong to escape punishment and continue in the race.

The cyclist also claims Verbruggen described the positive tests as “the knockout punch for our sport” before the backdated prescription was accepted.

Despite repeated attempts to contact Verbruggen, who served as UCI president until 2005, he was unavailable for statement. The Dutchman has long denied any conspiracy.

After Years, Rare Mammal Sighted In Vietnam

saolaFor the first time in 15 long years, cameras have caught one of the rarest and most threatened species of mammals on earth in Vietnam. With this finding, conservationists are hoping that there might be a recovery of the species.

Breathtaking Discovery

The WWF said in a statement on Wednesday that the Saola, a long-horned ox was photographed in a forest in central Vietnam in September which prompted Van Ngoc Thinh, country director for WWF-Vietnam to call the finding a ‘breathtaking discovery’. In Vietnam, the Saola was last sighted in the wild in 1998 which makes the current discovery truly incredible in light of the fact that the mammal was included in the highly endangered list.

The WWF has recruited forest guards in the area where the Saola was found to prevent illegal hunting and to remove snares, both of which act as the greatest threat to the creature’s survival.

First MERS Virus Death Reported In Oman

Up till now, the MERS virus was centered in Saudi Arabia. Now there are reports of the first death owing to the SARS-like virus coming from neighboring Oman which has prompted the health officials in the country to up the health checks in the region.mers

Investigations On

Following the death of the 68 year old man who was said to have contracted the MERS virus, Oman’s Health Ministry announced on Monday that the country’s teams would conduct investigations and check for signs of virus in the people who came in contact with the deceased.

More than 60 deaths caused by the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS virus have already been reported with most of them being centered in Saudi Arabia. The new virus is said to be related to the SARS virus that claimed the lives of around 800 people in 2003.

bachelorette party

Not-the-Usual Bachelorette Party Ideas

bachelorette partyThe bachelorette party is a chance for the bride-to-be to celebrate with her friends on her last night as a single girl. This event traditionally involves serving refreshments, playing party games, and giving gifts. These days, however, bachelorette parties have become more adventurous. This is probably in response to the way many bachelor parties are usually celebrated – with drinks and other forms of entertainment.

To be fun and memorable, a bachelorette party doesn’t have to be as wild and loud as the Hollywood version of the bachelor party. It doesn’t have to be boring and uneventful, either. If you’re tasked to throw a bachelorette party for your bride-to-be friend, here are some unique ideas to think about:

For the artistic bride

One excellent idea is to set up an art-themed bachelorette party and get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Simply prepare some art materials and have each guest paint something for the bride. To add a twist, serve some wine and see how well everyone can finish their art while feeling tipsy.

For the nature-loving bride

If you want some real adventure, think about spending a weekend in the great outdoors. You may rent a decked out cabin or pitch a tent and then spend a whole day of hiking, exploring the wild, and taking photos. At night, huddle up around the fire and have some drinks. The entire experience is great for reestablishing the bride-to-be’s bond with her friends before she starts a new chapter in her life.

For the bride who wants to be pampered

A spa retreat offers the bride-to-be the chance to relax and ease her anxieties that come with wedding planning. Simply get together at a spa to enjoy soothing massage treatments, facials, manicures, and pedicures. You can also stay in the steam room and just talk, laugh, and reminisce.

Brides can get too involved in planning their wedding. This usually causes them to become stressed and restless. A fun and unique bachelorette party should help them forget their worries and just enjoy the planning process.

India’s Entry Into Deep Space Exploration

November 5th, 2013 was a red letter day for India in the area of space exploration.  It launched its first ever space craft bound for Mars.  ISRO scientist worked for years to put together this complex mission which is expected to demonstrate the possibilities for space travel.

india1 Thousands of people gathered outside Sriharikota on the east coast of India to watch the rocket carrying the Mars spacecraft take off – others watched the event being broadcast live on television.  Mangalyaan, the space craft has to travel 485 million miles and 300+ days to reach its orbit in September 2014.  The biggest challenge will be navigation said the Chairman of ISRO.  If the mission is successful, India will be one of the few countries to do so.  A few people question the high price tag for completing such a mission considering the number of Indian citizens dealing with issues like poverty and hunger.

home insulation

3 Signs You Need to Improve Your Home’s Insulation

home insulationA well-insulated home provides an efficient, relaxing, and comfortable living environment. It’s important for every homeowner to insulate their homes properly so they can remain comfortable throughout the year. It’s part of every interior and exterior home remodeling project. In areas like St. Louis, Missouri, where extreme temperatures occur during summer and winter, proper home insulation is necessary to keep hot and warm air inside.

Ensuring your family’s safety and comfort is a priority. You need to make every effort to provide them the best possible home living experience. Living in your insulated home is fine until you feel something wrong with your indoor temperature. There are many factors affecting your home’s insulation. These include your home’s age, the insulation materials and process, and the climate. If you know every corner of your home well, you can easily spot these signs. And when you do, then it’s time to improve your home’s insulation.

High Heating and Cooling Costs

Escalating utility bills are good indications that your home insulation system is failing. Hot or cold air may escape if there are loose spots in the corners, walls, doors, and windows. It’s ideal to install only efficient windows and hire professionals to insulate your home. Improving your home’s insulation may reduce up to 50% of your energy costs.

Mold Growth on the Walls and Ceilings

Molds grow in areas where moisture is available. Check your insulation once you notice mold growth in the walls or ceilings. This indicates poor insulation. You need to repair or replace your insulation system; otherwise, your family may suffer from serious health problems.

Uneven Distribution of Heat and Cold

You know your home well. You can easily notice whether a particular area in your house or room is colder or hotter than the others. You might need to check your AC first, especially if you’re using a split system that controls temperature in specific areas of the house. There might be a problem with your insulation if you find your AC isn’t running well. It’s time to call the experts for a thorough inspection. A company specializing in insulation and siding installation will help you find out whether there’s a need to reinsulate your home.

Create a better home environment by improving its insulation. Look for a reliable company to ensure quality of work.

Red Sox Looking To Capture Championship At Fenway Park

red sox championsTed Williams, Carlton Fisk, Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling gave it their all and never managed to pull it off – not many people remember the Red Sox winning a title at Fenway Park from as long ago as 1918.

 The Red Sox won their last World Series in 1918 when greats such as Babe Ruth and Carl Mays were playing in a season cut short by the outbreak of WW1.  Starter John Lackey is looking forward to an awesome win – he is going to start Game 6 on Wednesday evening against Michael Wacha of the Arizona Cardinals.

 Fenway Park was not even a decade old when the Red Sox won here last – over 15,000 spectators watched the Red Sox play the Chicago Cubs over six games.  Fenway Park is the oldest home for Major League Baseball and a fitting place to kick off a Boston Glee Party, should the Red Sox lift the Championship Trophy.  There is a lot of excitement amongst fans and players alike.  Over 38,000 tickets have been sold and the most expensive seat in the house is in the dugout at $12,322.

Save Energy and Money Through Home Energy Assessments

energySave Energy and Money Through Home Energy Assessments An accurate home energy assessment will let you know how much energy you consume and inform you of cost-effective measures to improve energy efficiency. You’ll save money on energy bills. You can perform energy inspections yourself or hire a professional for efficient energy assessments in Australia.

DIY Energy Assessment

To perform an energy inspection yourself, diligently walk through your home while carefully searching for any air leaks. Look at places where different materials meet, such as wood and brick sidings, between foundations and walls, or a chimney and sidings. Inspect the space around electrical outlets, windows and door frames, switch plates, baseboards, air conditioners, attic hatches, mail chutes, gas and electrical service entrances, vents, fans, and others.

Check whether weather stripping and caulking are in good condition and applied properly. You can also spot air leaks by shining a flashlight at night over any possible gaps. Ask a partner to observe the house from outside for gaps or cracks through which the rays of the flashlight can be observed. You can also detect air leaks through entryways by shutting a window or door on a piece of paper. If you can remove the paper without tearing it, there is enough space in between to let air through.

Professional Energy Audits

Professional energy assessments in Australia provide a more detailed and quantitative evaluation. The energy auditor utilises special equipment to calculate the rate of air flow between the interior and exterior of the house.

Before the energy auditor enters your home, make sure you’ve already made a list of any indoor problems you’ve noticed, such as draft rooms or excessive condensation. Keep copies of recent energy bills to show your auditor. Initially, the auditor will do a walk-through of your home to find out daily energy usage patterns.

After the assessment, you’ll receive a report containing findings and recommendations for improvements. This lets you know about what home upgrades you should make, whether sealing small air gaps or adding attic insulation. You may even find that replacing your heating and cooling equipment will ultimately save you more money.