Why a Certification Can Help Boost Your IT Salary

Certificate sealed with a red ribbon

Why a Certification Can Help Boost Your IT Salary

A job in the Information Technology sector can be rewarding in terms of compensation, as the increasing use of digital technology elicits competition among companies to secure the best talents.

Individuals who consider building a career in IT should also think about obtaining a certification, as this increases the chances of getting a bigger paycheck. Apart from money, being certified makes you a cut above the rest and opens the door for new opportunities, which may be difficult to achieve without a certification.

Certified or Not?

There has been conflicting advice about applying for an IT certification, yet a 2014 research showed that having this can increase your salary by up to 5%. A higher pay isn’t the only benefit for acquiring a certification. Some industries require the applicant to obtain certification before he or she gets the job.

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) offers different certifications for a variety of IT roles. Interested applicants should take certification reviews to help them pass the certification exam. They can take practice tests from a practice test provider like CertBlaster.

Job Vacancies

As millions of IT positions are likely to remain vacant by 2024, having a certification presents anyone with an edge over other job seekers. CompTIA said that 1.8 million jobs in the U.S. would remain open due to a lack of skilled workers.

The industry group recognized the inclusion of the CHANCE in Tech Act as a solution to this problem. The proposal aims to support public-private funding for IT apprenticeship initiatives. In lieu of a college degree or advanced training, apprenticeship will equip an aspiring professional with the necessary skills to be efficient in their desired jobs.

An IT certification enhances your credentials, although you should be ready and consider signing up for test reviews if you ever want to achieve your goal of obtaining a higher salary.

A Property Seller Selling a Property

Important Checklist for Property Sellers

The anticipation of selling your property in North Shore, Auckland can be overwhelming, especially if you also want to purchase one at the same time.

The real estate choices that you make throughout this will either save you or cost you several thousands of kiwi dollars, notes industry expert Prestige Real Estate International LTD.

To help you out, here is the essential checklist that you need to follow.

Disconnect your feelings

Purchasing a property is usually an emotional choice, but selling your property requires you to remove your feelings from the equation. You have to see your house as a profitable commodity and not a place where you grew up in.

However, you do have to convince other people to view it as their potential house.

First impressions are critical

Ensure that you tidy up the entrance and garden. Finish minor upkeeps, including cracked windows and peeling paint. Clean the cupboards and room to get rid of extra furniture and clutter, so that the rooms look more open.

If it makes your place look better, consider giving away items that you do not use or rent a storage unit for the time being. Ensure that your home sparkles by taking good care of the windows, kitchen and bathroom.

Gather relevant information

This could include plans for improvements, gas and utility bills, mortgage statements, valuation documents, title documents, surveys, as well as, information on upgrades.

Figure out a selling method

Choose between various selling approaches, like a negotiation (private treaty), tender and auction. You can select to have an agency that has several general listings with many companies or one real estate company. Ensure that you look into the REAA Buying and Selling Guide.

Unfortunately, selling your property is not as easy as just sticking a “for sale” signage on your lawn. With the checklist above, you will guarantee that you do not commit any mistakes.

A nurse assisting an elderly woman

Why Living in Assisted Living Facilities is a Rising Trend

Caring for an ill loved one is not an easy task. It is a full-time job that requires time and attention, and no matter how much someone wants to care for their relative, they also have other responsibilities and their own family. Many families take the services of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Weber County to take care of their loved ones and provide them with an environment that can help them live with an illness.  

Memory Care Unit

  Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s requires an environment that will allow patients to live with ease. Many assisted living institutions to have a memory care unit that specializes in caring for patients with dementia. They provide care to patients with varying degrees of memory illness and promote programs designed to help enhance cognitive skills.   Since this is a skilled nursing service, it may cost more than the usually assisted living set-up. It typically includes 24/7 monitoring and supervised care with an environment that is close to home.  

Entertainment and Activities

  Unlike staying at home, living in an assisted living facility allows the patient to enjoy a social life. Some activities keep them entertained and enable them to meet new friends. Social activities not only keep them occupied but also help prevent depression, which is common in elderly patients or those who have dementia.  


  Perhaps one of the best things about living in a facility is it helps patients live an independent life. This can be quite challenging when staying at home since there are a lot of factors to consider when patients want to live at home.    Sometimes the home itself is an encumbrance to independence and mobility, and you would have to install special equipment in your home to make it accessible to your loved ones.   Families work hard to provide their elderly loved ones with the specialized care that they need. It is important to check all the available options for assisted care to find the best one that suits the patient’s needs.

A happy and healthy family

Tips for Finding Your Baby’s First Pediatrician

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a new baby adds to the country’s population every 8 seconds. This also means that every 8 seconds, new sets of parents need pediatric doctors, or looking for one if they have not already.

Finding the right pediatrician for your baby is very important. Like any other primary care doctor, it is important for the healthcare specialist to have more than just the knowledge. Keep these tips in mind if you are currently searching for a pediatric doctor in Lehi such as Revere Health.


Begin your search before the baby even arrives

The moment your child is born, the care starts. Therefore, it is important to start and finalize your search and make a decision way before you even give birth. Normally, people start their search by asking family and friends for referrals. Otherwise, they go online to search.


Set up appointments for interviews

It is important to shortlist several candidates and do background checks before you book the first appointment for evaluation and interview. During the appointment, you can ask the doctors about their education, training, and general practice.

And you can confirm them with the research you’ve already done. During the interview, you can also ask for the hospital’s or clinic’s specific guidelines and protocols. You can even ask to do an ocular if you wish.

Examine the doctor’s performance

When you finally decide on a pediatrician, his or her evaluation does not end there. You need to see him or her in action in real life situations. Remember that in emergency cases, there is no such thing as clinic hours.

Sadly, some parents break up with their pediatricians for various reasons. If you are unhappy with your first choice, find a replacement immediately. That is why it is advisable to have at least three shortlisted healthcare professionals on your list.

Consider these tips to help you find the right pediatrician for your baby and your family.

Interesting and Fun Facts About Money That You Should Know

Many people today are opting for “cashless shopping”, hence, the popularity of credit and debit cards. As long as these cards have an “outstanding balance”, you can buy whatever you need.

But when financial problems strike and you have no money on your credit cards, cash loans are the first things that come to mind. While waiting for your loan approval in Salt Lake City, here are some interesting and fun facts about cash that can help you forget about your financial woes for a while.

In God We Trust

The phrase wasn’t a staple in the American dollar before 1957. It was first seen in 1864 on a US coin, and has since appeared intermittently. At the height of tensions that arose with the threat of communism in the 1950s, it was used to signify that God was on democracy’s side.

The Secret Service

Not too many people know that the Secret Service was actually formed for counterfeit prevention during the Civil War Era. Today, it is still in charge of stopping counterfeiting operations, in addition to providing presidential security.

Printing Bills

The Bureau of Engraving & Printing prints $907M worth of bills on a daily basis. Around 9.7 tons of ink are used every day to print the bills in two locations, namely Washington, DC and Fort Worth, Texas.

The $2 Bill

The first $2 bill was printed in 1776, but the production was stopped in 1966. However, it was put back in circulation a decade later as a way to save on cost. It remains the most unpopular bill today; only one of every 100 bills printed daily is of this denomination.

The Largest-Denominated Bill

The $100 bill is the largest denominated bill today. While 1000 and 500 dollar bills were printed before 1934, the bills were only intended for transferring funds from one bank to another prior to the onset of electronic money transfers.

While cashless shopping is very convenient, you can’t afford not to have dollar bills in your wallet or safe. Next time you have cash on your hands, remember these facts and you will never look at money the same way again.

A couple enjoying a movie together in the theaters

Comfortable Seats Required: The Criteria for Moviegoers’ Theater Choice

Marcus Theatres once conducted a survey to see the trends in preferences and general feedback of moviegoers. While 99% of them find watching movies at a theater enjoyable, they did cite several important factors that contribute to this overall satisfaction. 97% of them said comfortable seats are one of them.

These results are understandable. If you are to sit in one place for an average of two hours, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.

Sitting in Comfort

According to the survey, seat comfort is one of the first of moviegoers’ priorities (it holds the same spot as cleanliness and picture quality). State-of-the-art seats are no longer luxuries, but necessities for movie theaters.

If audiences are to choose between two cinemas and both are equal in terms of picture quality and surround sound technology, they will look for other elements that will contribute to a satisfying experience. If one theater has more comfortable and cleaner seats, that will be the undisputed choice.

Functional and Modern

Moviegoers are as critical of the cinema as they are of the film. This brings us back to our context case above regarding choosing a movie theater: people weigh the pros and cons of the establishment’s amenities in addition to movie choices. Audiences have expectations, and given the vast improvements in cinematic image projection and sound, the rest of the cinema has to catch up.

With regards to theater chairs, they should be ergonomic and not require expensive maintenance. Not only should these chairs provide comfortable support for the spine and back, they should also have excellent construction and long life. Upholstery plays a big part in this. Fire-retardant polyolefin fabrics are best, according to installations expert Preferred Seating. This material doesn’t wear quickly and is spill-resistant to boot.

Comfortable seating completes the formula for the perfect movie-watching experience. Theater owners will do well to invest in movie theater chairs after securing superior digital cinema technology.

College student holding laundry

Homemade Laundry Detergent: Start a Manufacturing Business

Starting a small business can be challenging, especially if you still have no idea what your business will be about. Have you considered detergent powder manufacturing? Manufacturing businesses can be fairly simple. All you need is to have a good formula and mix ingredients according to it. Of course, the resulting product needs to be appealing as well.

Constant Demand for Detergent

The detergent industry enjoys constant demand year-round. As lifestyle choices become more sophisticated today, demand has also been increasing. Conduct a market research in your local community to see if a homemade detergent is profitable. Once you have your data, you can design a business plan to realize your vision.

Plan Your Business

In creating a business plan, you need to know who your raw material suppliers will be. You have to know who your target audience and what your marketing strategy will be. Remember your initial investment as well. You next have to decide the manufacturing process and your product. Detergents can be light, heavy-duty, phosphate-free, or fabric soft.

Use Borax

Your product will determine what raw materials you need. Borax can be a great ingredient for your detergent. Many homemade detergent recipes available online have made use of borax as an essential ingredient. One company can supply you with the borax you need, particularly borax anhydrous that already comes in a crystallized form.

Open Shop

Once you have your recipe and product, start your detergent powder business small. You can initially sell to surrounding homeowners in your neighborhood to get the word out. It may take time for you to gain substantial profits, but as long as you do everything right, you can slowly grow your business into a large company.

Some businesses only take a small investment of time and resources to begin. You can quickly have your own business in the span of a few months when you take the detergent powder manufacturing route.

A person about to brush their teeth

Know the Repercussions of Brushing Aggressively

While daily brushing is important for a healthy mouth, too much of it can do more harm than good. You may have good intentions for doing so, but you have to remember that over brushing can wear down your teeth’s enamel, contributing to receding gums and sensitive teeth.

Many believe that vigorous brushing can remove plaque better and make their teeth brighter. This is not true, as the technique can damage the teeth and gums and expose the sensitive area of the tooth. Receding gums are also common, and these can lead to oral health problems like gum disease. Over brushing for long periods may also require you to get treatments like fillings or root canal.

More Damage With Firm Bristles

Dentists in Lafayette note that damage to teeth and gums are more likely if you use a firm- or hard-bristled toothbrush. You may think that firm bristles may do a better job in cleaning your teeth, but this not true. Hard bristles, along with vigorous brushing, can make your gums bleed. This can erode the gun and expose the dentin (the layer beneath the enamel), which is yellow in color.

Be Thorough With Brushing

The truth is brushing too hard is not necessary to clean your teeth and remove plaque. You don’t need to use more force; it is important to be more thorough. Aggressive brushing will not offer additional benefit. It will just damage your teeth and gums. Use gentle and circular strokes, and make sure that you brush your teeth for two minutes.

Use the Proper Technique

If you have been brushing your teeth aggressively, it is time to change your habits. Note that is important that you use the proper technique and don’t rush it. If the plaque has hardened or become tartar, aggressive brushing will not remove it. You need to see a dentist or a dental hygienist to remove it using special tools like a scaler.

Don’t let over brushing compromise your oral health. See and talk you your dentist if you experience tooth sensitivity or have some gum recession.

Chemist in protective suit the disposal of radio active waste

What Happened During the Cold War?

Not all battles have winners and bloodshed. An example is the cold war. It is a term that correctly characterized the growing tension between Russia and the United States for years beginning with the end of World War II.

What Happened?

The United States and Russia worked together during the Second World War as allies. When the war ended, both became superpowers with different ideologies and vision of leadership: Russia embraced communism while the United States valued democracy. Uncle Sam grew gravely concerned over Joseph Stalin’s abusive policies and management.

As a way to protect its vested interest and to curtail the spread of communism, the United States made a decision that dictated its policies for more than 25 years: containment.

The Idea of Containment

One of the goals of the United States was to suppress communism or to contain it to avoid its spread. To achieve this, the Truman administration came up with the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan, which poured billions of funds to rehabilitate the ruined Europe. The main idea is to let people see or experience the value of a free market—a democratic economy.

Atomic Age

Undoubtedly, the containment strategy led to a dangerous arms race where both countries started producing and testing nuclear weapons. In the United States, many facilities provided the warheads, including the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Fortunately, both countries weren’t able to use them against each other. The road to the end of the cold war was long, but it eventually ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union when then-President Mikhail Gorbachev promoted the international policies of economic reform and openness.

Despite its end, people can still feel the traces of the cold war. For example, exposure to the nuclear components such as plutonium has made the lab’s employees gravely ill. The effects can range from lifelong disabilities to life-threatening diseases.

But there are home care facilities now that specialize in such health issues. The government also provides financial support to qualified individuals. If you or someone you know once worked in the lab and need special care, it’s time to explore this option.

Crash Barrier Along the Highway

Top 3 Benefits of Choosing an Experienced Crash Barrier Manufacturer

Different industries require different standards for road safety barrier systems, but working with a trusted manufacturer will provide people and your property the appropriate level of protection.

With the help of your supplier, you can design systems that blend in easily with other structures in your premises. In some cases, you will find stainless steel traffic posts to be most appropriate for use in locations that you want to maintain a visual appeal, whilst ensuring safety for buildings and people.

Learn the other benefits of choosing a reliable and experienced crash barrier manufacturer for your road safety needs.

You have a wide variety of design options

With the right manufacturer, you can easily accommodate different options, ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty, impact-rated models. The manufacturer will offer you a wide array of designs to choose from, including collapsible, fixed and removable traffic posts. Some companies use stainless steel to add longevity to your traffic posts and barriers.

Quality services for both indoor and outdoor applications

Working with experienced manufacturers gives you the flexibility of having efficient safety systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. Their solutions will allow you to use top-tier products and quality services to meet industry safety standards for road safety barrier systems.

You can customise your options

A reliable manufacturer will offer you the choice to customise your traffic post system to suit its application in commercial, industrial and residential property. They will also provide you with additional accessories and replacement parts to avoid the inconveniences of faulty systems, and to save you the expense of buying complete units when only one part malfunctions.

When it comes to buying crash barriers, choosing the right manufacturer makes a big difference. A reliable provider will use high-quality materials and the best designs to construct traffic posts that adhere to national traffic code of practice and meet international traffic standards.