Why Simple Tokens Make for an Outstanding Marketing Game


Why Simple Tokens Make for an Outstanding Marketing Game

=Freebies are some of the most reliable levellers of humanity. Everybody wants them. It seems humanity is wired to think that “if it’s free, it must be good.” And why think otherwise? When everything appears to come with a tag price, it is quite comforting to find stuff freely given to whoever is ready to embrace them, with no strings attached. Or at least not too obviously.

If you are a marketing professional, you can maximise mankind’s penchant for freebies to level up your game.

Business Perks of Promotional Freebies

Giving away products to your customers communicate your confidence in what you do and why it’s important. This, in turn, boosts consumers’ trust in your brand. Once the recipients of your philanthropic efforts use your simple tokens of appreciation, what you get is viral-prone and free promotion. When it comes to brand marketing, visibility and recall are the endgames. By investing in simple freebies, you got your endgame in the bag.

Key Findings

In a study spearheaded by the BPMA in 2012, findings show that promotional products yield noteworthy ROI. By giving away simple freebies such as promotional USBs, pens,line-yards, mugs, and umbrellas, brands have enjoyed a return of investment which surpasses that from outdoor and radio advertising.

On the customers’ end, results show that 87% of freebie recipients hold on to promotional items for more than a year. 66% of respondents also agree that freebies enhance their recall of brands while 79% agree that freebies inspire them to do business with brands that have benevolently distributed them.

Kicking Off Your Freebie Campaign

The first thing to consider is your brand’s niche demographic. If you cater to the student-aged sector, freebies from speedexgroup.com like pens and USBs are great choices.

Also, don’t overdo your brand messaging. The key is to balance your need for exposure with the recipients’ likely aversion to items with over-the-top branding.

Background Check

Areas to Consider When Introducing National Police Checks


National police checking services are not the kind of stuff you tick off without first considering the implications they can have in the proper running of your organisation. There are factors that you cannot afford to ignore whenever you plan to introduce these checks into your workplace.

It is, therefore, necessary that you have coherent policies and procedures as part of this police-checking process. Among the key areas you should focus on include the following.

Your company’s recruitment policy

Bearing in mind the numerous offences that national police checks have the potential to disclose, it is advisable you have clear guidelines about what acts, as an organisation, you are not willing to tolerate. Remember, when recruiting employees, you are entrusting your brand in their hands.

Therefore, it is within your rights not to condone certain behaviours.

Renewing of police checks

Does your company’s operation require you to settle for only the police check you ran on your employees during initial recruitment, or you could use re-checking after a particular period of employment?

If not, note that introducing criminal background rechecking can adversely influence the normal running of processes in your workplace. However, if you notice instances of misconduct in your organisation, it is advisable you engage your employees on the need to carry out police checking again.

Handling disputes

Running criminal background checks can, at times, punctuate workplaces with disputes, which, without a clear process for dealing with them, can tense up operations in your company. Such instances include an employee refusing rechecking, and some not agreeing with your decision based on particular checks.

It is advisable that, as an employer, you highly consider these three areas whenever you plan to introduce or reintroduce a national police checking service in your organisation.

To handle potential implications of mishandling this process professionally, seek the input of police checks specialists, who will also ensure your company’s policy regarding employee background checking is fair, reasonable and uphold human rights against employee discrimination.

A child looking fearful while in a dentist chair

How to Deal With Dental Anxiety or Phobia

A dentist has been trained and has the experience to treat dental problems without causing any pain as much as possible. But you may have a general distrust of anyone tinkering inside your mouth, or you may have had a bad experience with a dentist in the past. No matter the case, you may have dental anxiety if you feel uncomfortable sitting in the dentist’s chair.

In an extreme case, when you feel completely terrified of a dentist, you have dental phobia.

The Anxious or Fearful Multitude

You may be surprised, but millions of people actually have dental anxiety or phobia. In the US, an estimated 9 to 15 percent of Americans are anxious or afraid of going to the dentist. That percentage translates to around 30 to 40 million people.

The Results of Anxiety or Phobia

You need to deal with your dental anxiety or phobia if you want to have good oral health. You may skip dentist’s appointments because of your condition. Such neglect can greatly affect your oral health and lead to numerous dental problems. You may even become sick in general, as poor oral health has been associated with a few life-threatening conditions.

The Treatments Available

When you only have dental anxiety, you can choose a dentist who specializes in treating fearful patients. Fortunately, a family dentistry practice in Geist has a dentist who knows how to treat patients gently. You can even receive oral sedation or nitrous oxide at the practice to reduce your anxiety.

Other ways to deal with dental anxiety include going to the dentist with a trusted friend or family member. You can even do relaxation techniques. For dental phobia, however, you can visit a psychologist first, before you visit a dentist. Psychologists have devised ways to treat dental phobia and help you can overcome it.

You should not be afraid of the dentists and dental procedures. You can take the treatment measures mentioned here and realize how painless a dentist’s appointment can be.

Fire at Home

Fire-Proof Your Home in These Easy Ways

The materials used in construction are important to make sure that the building is durable, safe and fireproof. The incidence of fire is rising in Australia, with bushfire increasing to 40% since 2008 and house fires are increasing in numbers especially in New South Wales.

As the risk of fires is becoming more common and fatal, building a fire resistant structure is possible with proper external concrete cladding, flooring and clearing. Apart from installing the right materials to your house, here are four easy ways to fireproof your home.

Ready Your Fire Extinguisher

Keeping a fire extinguisher in a kitchen, or other parts of the house like the garage with flammable materials. A fire extinguisher is your first defence to put out a fire easily – just make sure that you maintain and refill them on time.

Install a Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms can provide early warnings of a fire. Installing one in your home can give you that security and peace of mind. Make sure to check it every four months to make sure that it is working properly.

Avoid Electrical Overload

Electrical short circuits are one of the top reasons of a house fire. Have an electrician check your outlets and wirings to reduce the chances of an electrical overload. Keep your home pest free to avoid them from chewing and breaking your wires.


Old clothes, newspapers, toys, boxes are unusual clutter that tends to accumulate in your home. Unfortunately, these flammable materials can easily spark up even on a small an amount of fire.

Even when your house is of fire-resistant concrete cladding or armed with smoke alarms and extinguishers, fires are bound to happen if you do not exert an effort to fireproof your home. Keep flammable materials away, turn off electricity and safeguard your house at all costs.

Elderly Couple Bonding with a Young Family

Things You Can Do With Your Elderly Parents

Many people want to find a way to thank their parents but sometimes find it difficult to do so. However, there are many things you can do to express how much you adore and cherish them. Here are some ways to express your love to your aging parents.

1. Enroll them for assisted living services.

A few decades ago, the concept of assisted living in Las Vegas, Nevada was relatively new. Today, this important care support service is proving increasingly popular in helping the elderly spend their golden years. If your elderly parents exhibit a growing need for assistance in preparing meals, taking medication, and doing daily chores, getting them assisted living services is the ideal way to show them you care.

2. Encourage them to talk about their life experiences.

Many times, people are so caught up in their day to day activities that they forget that their parents have their experiences as well. Make time to ask your parents to share stories about their lives too. Doing this shows that you take an interested in their affairs.

3. Spend time with them doing their hobby.

Take part in your parents’ hobbies. They’ll enjoy what they love doing more if they do them with you. If your parents love reading and writing you could join them in a book club. This is an enjoyable way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Help them clean their house.

A good way to show that you respect and love your elderly parents is by helping out with household chores such as tidying up the house. Even if you live away from them, take the time to visit them every week and help out with cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, and tidying up the rooms.

Every day is filled with opportunities to demonstrate how much you love your parents. You don’t need to spend a large sum of money to do so. Even a few moments spent with them means a great deal.

Ways to Beat Loneliness Among Seniors

For most people, loneliness can become a serious problem especially among the elderly. Loneliness can affect a person’s health and overall well-being. The good news is that there are simple yet effective ways how you can help the older people in your life combat loneliness and make them happier.

1. Consider the benefits of a community that provides assisted living.

One of the most effective ways to help the elder members of your family combat loneliness is to have them consider assisted senior living. Salt Lake City, Utah has many communities that provide assisted living. These communities can provide one of the best support systems for seniors and allows them to relax and do something fun during their free time.

2. Go out into the open.

While some seniors like to stay at home and do their hobbies, some enjoy a day out in the open. Going for a quick ride or walking out to the park even for a while can improve their emotional state. Being out in the open lets seniors feel less isolated, and more cheerful than when they’re just by themselves.

3. Do volunteer work.

Seniors these days still have what it takes to volunteer and help others. Not only does helping others expand their social circles, but it’s also one of the best ways to increase a person’s happiness.

4. Get a hobby.

Even at an advanced age, seniors can still feel motivated when they set up goals and hobbies. Have your parents work on their gardening. Or, if they have a hobby to collect items like stamps, let them. Hobbies that require them to learn and explore something new will always keep seniors sharp and active.

With these four simple things, you can help your elderly parents beat loneliness and find more meaning in what they do. Don’t hesitate to help them whenever they need help and offer your assistance in whatever way you can.

A close up of a woman smiling and revealing her Invisalign

Invisalign: The Basics

Unlike the traditional braces, Invisalign is a modern tooth straightening option, which straightens your teeth using removable aligners that are virtually invisible. Not only is this option nearly invisible, but it is also custom-made to fit your teeth.

How Invisalign Works

Gradually, the aligners will cause your teeth to move – little by little – towards the desired final position.  Every two weeks, you are supposed to replace the aligners with a new set.

Depending on the degree of the teeth misalignment, as the treatment progresses, your teeth begin to straighten into their correct positions as prescribed by your dentist.

Advantages of Invisalign

Aesthetic benefits. What most patients like about Invisalign is the aesthetic advantage due to their near invisibility.  In fact, unless you tell it to someone, Invisalign aligners are hardly noticeable. Compared to clear braces whose brackets are visible, Invisalign retainers are transparent, thus nearly invisible.

Promote dental hygiene. Invisalign aligners are removable which undoubtedly make them more popular over traditional braces. Removing the aligners allows you to floss with ease and brush your teeth thoroughly. Removability eliminates the worry of having food particles trapped in the braces.

Maximum comfort. Instead of the sharp metal found in traditional braces, Invisalign is made of smooth, comfortable plastic. It is unlikely for Invisalign to irritate your gums and inner cheeks.

Disadvantages of Invisalign

It will not fix every case. Severely rotated teeth and other complex teeth issue may require fixed braces.

Success depends on the patient. Since they are removable, success with Invisalign depends almost entirely on the wearer. If you want them to work, you must wear them. Traditional braces win here because you do not have a choice in wearing them because they are not removable.

You can lose them. To minimize the risk of losing them, always put them in their protective case whenever you remove your aligners.

You now have the basics of what Invisalign is all about. Ultimately, consulting a specialist in a dentist office here in Boise will help you decide on the best option for your teeth.

Does the Colour of Your Slimline Rainwater Tanks Matter?

You hear your neighbour say they are off to buy a green water tank, and you are left wondering if it matters whether they use a black, red, white, clear, or even green water storage tank. You actually cannot tell why you chose that black tank over a blue one.

But, for a fact, the colour of your water tank is a key factor to consider when buying slimline rainwater tanks from providers like Rapid Plas.

Here’s why the colour of your plastic water tank matters

One major issue you hear owners of plastic collection and storage tanks complain about is algae growth in their water tanks, which not only poses a health risk but also raises the maintenance cost of tanks. But, since algae can only thrive in the presence of sunlight, choosing a colour that can eliminate chances of the sun penetrating the tank’s shell will keep your water algae-free and safe for use.

What colours should you choose?

Poly tanks come in various colours, ranging from blue, green and black to white and clear. However, not all these colours are capable of blocking sunlight from reaching the stored water to prevent algae growth. The best colours of water collection and storage tanks to choose from are black, beige, and mist and dark green.

But, it is not all this serious. While selecting a light blocking colour is of the essence, especially in ensuring your water is safe for use, it is important you find water tank that will easily blend into the environment in which you place it.

Whenever you are planning to buy slimline rainwater tanks, ponder on the colour to choose if you are concerned about how safe is the water you store and supply to your house. Once you have decided on the colour of the tank, you can continue narrowing your options to the size and shape your water tank should come in before placing your order.

Best Practices To Prevent Contamination in the Lab

The laboratory should be one of the most sterile and cleanest places in the hospital or any health care setting. It is where doctors and researchers conduct laboratory tests, which is important in the diagnosis of many illnesses.

When there is a discrepancy in the laboratory findings and results due to contamination, it might end up causing problems that could lead to erroneous prescriptions, incorrect diagnosis, and the wrong treatment. These three practices will ensure that laboratory consumables and equipment, especially the reagents are kept sterile and uncontaminated.

Make An Inventory of the Reagents

Laboratory consumables such as prepared culture media, reagents, and others should be in an inventory list which includes their expiration dates. The reagents should not be expired upon use. Making sure the reagents are new and properly stored is important to prevent contamination.  This will ensure that the reagents will not produce erroneous results.

Proper Handwashing and Good Personal Hygiene

Laboratory technicians should practice good personal hygiene such as hand washing. Aside from protecting them from dangerous chemicals and materials, washing your hands and wearing protective equipment like gloves will reduce the probability of contamination. They would also need to disinfect work surfaces and have well-maintained refrigerators and incubators.

Use Suitable Cleaning Procedures

There are procedures you need to follow when you’re working in a laboratory. These protocols are important in making sure the work is orderly. For instance, in cleaning the laboratory and workspaces, you need to wipe the workstation with 70% alcohol to get rid of potential contaminants.

Making sure the laboratory is clean and orderly is important. This will ensure that all test results are accurate and uncontaminated. When the results are erroneous, they may cause harm to the patients, especially those who need immediate treatment for an illness.

4 Mistakes That People Make in Marriage

All marriages face challenges. After all, there isn’t such thing as a perfect spouse. Some of the disagreements that couples have are quite healthy for the marriage, as LifeCraft Counseling LLC or any counseling services specialist in Denver will tell you. However, when one or both partners repeatedly make the same mistakes, there can be a rift between them that might become irreparable. Here are some common things you need to avoid to keep your marriage intact.


Any addiction is dangerous in a marriage. If you can’t put the phone down once you get on social media, or are a habitual gambler, shopper, or drinker, you’ll soon sour your relationship. Addiction becomes a toxic part of your marriage, which can quickly drive spouse apart.


You may be tempted to tell a lie to protect your spouse’s feelings, but that’s a big mistake. Any little half-truth you tell, once found out, could deal a devastating blow to the trust your partner placed on you. Once you create any little space for your partner to doubt you, there can be no going back. Your spouse will think you may have lied about other things in your relationship.

Unrealistic expectations

Your spouse is still human, and you need to avoid expecting too much from them. Share responsibilities fairly so that one of you is not overburdened. Discuss what each spouse is expected to do to avoid needless disagreements. Leave room for mistakes and be willing to support and forgive your partner.


While you may disagree on some issues from time to time, always talk respectfully to each other, regardless of how angry you are. Under no circumstances should you result to insults, as that may damage your marriage. Going through your spouse’s stuff when you distrust them can also make them feel disrespected.

A healthy marriage takes commitment and time to develop. While it’s normal to make mistakes once in a while, it’s important to avoid doing some things that could ruin your relationship permanently.