What Flexible Work Arrangements Mean For Your Business

What Flexible Work Arrangements Mean For Your Business

Studies have shown that a flexible work schedule can help improve employee productivity, engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. Is your organization ready to offer this type of work benefit? Here are some of the things you should do before you get started.

Investment in a secure network

If you offer flexible work schedules for your employees, it means being able to work from home more often. Doing this is advantageous for people who live far from the office or those who do not want to deal with rush hour traffic. To do this, the experts at privatetunnel.com suggest that you need to invest in Virtual Private Networks or VPN tunnel software, so your employees can access network resources anywhere in a secure manner.

Types of flexible work arrangements

flexible work schedule is not limited to being able to clock out of the office early and continue work from home. Other flexible work arrangements include a more compressed working schedule, which means having lesser time for breaks and even a working lunch. These also include job share, part-time work, telecommuting, and special work arrangements for seniors. If you are going to offer flexibility at work, you need to define the parameters of these arrangements and who can avail of them.

Let go of micromanagement

Micromanagement has been proven as one of the deal breakers in many organizations these days. If you are going to offer a flexible work schedule, you need to be able to let go of micromanagement habits that may have existed in the past. Gone are the days when managers look over their workers’ shoulders to see if they are doing great work.

Is your company ready for the shift?

A flexible work schedule is not a small benefit you give to employees. It is a management-changing scheme that allows for more productivity and work-life balance. Before you offer this type of arrangement in your organization, consider the items above to ensure that you’re ready for the shift.

What to Consider When Drilling Water Bores

Water is an essential resource. At times, the water supply is never enough to satisfy the daily needs of some individuals. As a result, some people tend to resort to drilling water wells in the homesteads. Since the demand for water wells has been on the rise in New Zealand, bore drilling companies have been on an upsurge.

Such companies offer well-drilling services for commercial and domestic use.

But the right drilling company must have a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and technicians well versed on bore drilling, experts from Carlyle Drilling said. Having such expertise, they would always come up with a solution no matter how tough the project may seem or the location of the water bore drilling.

Types of Water Bores

New Zealand-based drilling companies deal with different types of water bores:

1. Monitoring bores.
2. Production bores (Domestic and commercial).
3. Injection wells.
4. Dewatering wells.

These companies must have experience in dealing with various layers of the Earth’s crust. So as to ensure that the wells are of quality standard, the following forms of drilling are usually used:

• Augers.
• Downhole pneumatic hammer (Air Drilling).

And these bore drilling companies must have extensive knowledge when it comes to drilling, using different boring techniques to penetrate the Earth’s crust, regardless of the number of layers. Furthermore, the company also deals with various types of boreholes. As a result, all you need to do is choose the preferable type of well depending on your needs.

With the worsening water shortage problem, it is really important to find and hire a qualified drilling company to construct those wells. Don’t settle for anything less than efficiency, quality service and the kind of well we would really depend on to provide the right amount of water we need daily.


Reasons Why People Prefer Using Roller Garage Doors

When you look around the town, most of the roller garage doors in Auckland are of the roller type. This is especially among the people who have little spaces in their drives. These kinds of doors tend to cost cheaper to buy and install unlike the other doors as well. If you are wondering why people are now opting to go with this, then look at a number of the given benefits here.

1. Ease to use

These doors come in either manual or the automated types. Both of them have a system that allows the doors to smoothly slide for opening and closing with a simple click. Those that are manual have a spring which is able to help in the raising and the falling of the doors to the right place.

2. Saving space

You will find that these doors tend to allow a person park the car very close to the door without having problems when driving out. This is especially necessary for those who have smaller garages or those that need the garage to be used by more than one car.

3. Insulation

For those who want to maintain a certain temperature in the basement, these doors help out in the insulation property. We have the double-skinned kinds, which are able to store air in between for insulation reasons. You will also tend to find that these doors have a rubber on the bottom, which acts well in forming a tight closure to resist water and moisture from flowing in and out.

4. Enough headroom

You will find that since these doors tend to roll up, then there is always some extra space left for the headroom.

If you are running on a limited space in your garage space, then do not worry about what you may need to use for the door. Get a roller kind which will not only be stylish but also very easy to open and close.

Reverse Mortgage Illustration

The Reverse Mortgage: 3 Main Types

Trying to find a home loan that would enable you to convert some of your home equity into actual cash, or to pay off a big purchase or monthly bills yet still keep your home? A reverse mortgage might be ideal for you. Reverse mortgages come in three types, however, so you have to choose which type is best for you.

The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)

This is the most popular type of reverse mortgage according to the U.S. Housing and Urban Development. The reason? It comes with lesser fees and lower rates than the loan options offered by private mortgage lenders. In addition, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) guarantees these loans, which make them more profitable for approved lenders. You could also use an HECM for whatever purpose you desire. Thanks to the flexibility of an HECM, you have to satisfy some stringent conditions (like mortgage insurance premiums) for reverse equity HECMs, not exceeding 100% of the value of your home.

The Single-Purpose Reverse Mortgages

These reverse mortgage programs are the most affordable options. However, they are not available everywhere and are offered by non-profit organizations and local and state government agencies. As the name implies, you could only use these mortgages for a single purpose: paying for property taxes or home improvements and repairs. A majority of borrowers could qualify for these loan types.

The Proprietary Reverse Mortgages

These are private mortgages that are guaranteed by mortgage companies. If you own a home with a higher value, you might get a larger advance from this loan type. This means that if you own a small home loan and a home with a higher value, you could be eligible for more money.

Reverse mortgage programs could be quite complicated, especially with all the different types you could choose and the requirements needed for each one of them. Whether you’re looking to take out an HECM, proprietary reverse mortgage, or single purpose reverse mortgage, make certain to do your own due diligence to ensure that you get the right reverse mortgage type for you.

Can You Use Chewing Gum as Tooth Replacement?

colorful gumballsA 56-year-old mother from Essex stunned Twitter after revealing she had been using pieces of chewing gum as a remedy for her missing teeth. The news of Sue’s unique fix spread like wildfire for two reasons: one, it aroused interest, and two, it reflected people’s fear of dental treatment.

The Story of Sue

On Channel 4’s ‘Never Seen a Doctor’, Sue tells presenter Katie Piper that she used coffee-coated gum to evoke a more realistic effect. After perfectly forming the chewing gum, she would place it on top of her rotting teeth.

She spoke candidly about her solution and the reasons why she refused dental care for years; reasons that resonate well with a majority.

When People Say ‘No’ to Dental Care

Most people refuse to visit the local dental practice due to varying reasons. For some, they insist their budgets cannot cover dental costs. Instead of enquiring about the price of dental implants in Croydon or elsewhere in London, they would insist on brushing and flossing as ‘good enough’ practice to cover oral health.

For others, they confess their fear of visiting the dentist. The idea of a surgeon or hygienist working inside of their mouth is enough to stop them from scheduling an appointment.

Sue refused dental care for the second reason. Her crippling fear of the dentist resulted in a severe tooth decay, which then eroded her self-confidence. As a result, she barely left the house and failed to maintain a job.

You Need Expert Help

Sue’s unusual tooth replacement solution may not be your personal course of action, but you may share her anxiety about dental treatment. Refusal to see your dentist may result in more than just severe tooth decay, and a DIY fix may worsen your condition.

For long-term results, it is better to schedule an appointment with your local practice. Dentists focus on providing effective solutions in a safe and comfortable environment. Some may offer payment terms to help you manage the cost.

In the end, Sue agreed to a dental procedure, and now, she has a brilliant smile — without the gum.


Little Girl Eats Vegetable Salad

What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Like Vegetables

For some parents, encouraging their kids to eat vegetables can be a big challenge. It is common for children to hate veggies or just refuse to eat them. The sad part is, most of them usually like sweets and other unhealthy food choices.

If this the same for you and your little one, don’t lose hope. You can still win this fight and get your child to eat or even like vegetables.

A popular family medical center in Orem shares a few strategies you can try:

  • No forcing or scolding. Forcing your child to eat vegetables won’t work. It is best to offer different types of veggies and tell your little one to try some. Always aim for a positive mood during mealtimes.
  • Be a role model. Eat meals together as a family and make sure your child sees you eating veggies and other nutritious foods. Children are more likely to imitate their parents’ habits or choose foods that their parents usually eat.
  • Just try and try. Research suggests that you need to offer a new food to kids 10 times or more before they accept or eat it. It is also a good idea to give them a small portion of healthy foods or add veggies to a dish they like.
  • Involve them in meal preparations. Let them choose a vegetable they want to eat for dinner. You can also let them help in the kitchen by washing fruits and vegetables, pouring ingredients into a bowl, or sprinkling salt.
  • Make it interesting. Molding or cutting vegetables into fun shapes can encourage children to try some. You can also sneak veggies in tasty family meals by chopping greens and healthy ingredients finely. Creating tasty and healthy sauces also helps.

Try these strategies and keep motivating your child to eat fruits and vegetables, as well as make healthy food choices. After all, you want your little one to grow healthy and strong.

Boy Brushing Teeth

Your Baby Has Gray Teeth, But Should You Panic?

Boy Brushing TeethMany times, parents notice that their baby has gotten gray stains on their white teeth overnight. This could happen to the front or back teeth, too. There are many reasons this can happen, but do not panic and assume that your child will soon have decayed teeth, become toothless, and get taunted by their peers soon. None of this will happen, so calm down.

Could be due to a fall

If the baby had a fall or an injury, then a couple of their teeth could turn dark and gray. The fall could have caused a bump on their teeth or even made one of them loose. If in doubt, check with your family dentist in Sugarhouse. The fall could have occurred a couple of weeks back and the discoloring can show up much later.

The teeth are stained from the inside, so you cannot clean it off. The color on the milk teeth will get lighter with time, though. Moreover, as milk teeth will fall off eventually, you should not worry. The same discoloring in adult teeth, however, is permanent and may need cosmetic dental procedures.

Iron in the baby’s formula or a multivitamin

Iron in the vitamin supplements you give your child can cause stains. You can confirm this with your dentist. They can scrape stains with their instruments, but there are instances when they’re difficult to remove. It’s best to continue giving your baby their multivitamins or formula, but rinse their mouth and brush their teeth afterwards to prevent staining. Medication, like antibiotic amoxicillin, can cause staining as well. This is a proven side effect, but it is temporary.

Always consult your dentist when in doubt, so you’re sure that the graying of your little one’s teeth is temporary and a harmless side effect only.

Good Teeth Affects Your Behavior in Many Ways


Woman Smiling

Having good teeth doesn’t only benefit your physical appearance. It also benefits you psychologically. A person with a great smile will always have an edge since they would have the confidence to meet other people. 

Hollywood stars and celebrities who often grace the covers of lifestyle magazines often have great-looking teeth. Sometimes,  good teeth may have something to do with physical beauty; but do you know that it can impact your behavior, too? If you have broken or chipped teeth, enhance your confidence and get porcelain veneers in Lone Tree, Colorado. You'll see how you can go a long way with a simple visit to your dentist.

The Confident Man

Studies show that people with good teeth are more confident when interacting with other people. This action rings true for everyone, regardless of age and economic background. Young people who have good teeth are more sociable with other people of the same age as they can easily smile. Professionals, who engage in meetings or sales, find no difficulty when conversing with other professionals when they have great smiles. According to Beliefnet, smiling raises people’s confidence levels.

The Friendly Guy

Building friendships or even a good business relationship will always start with a smile. LifeHack says that a person who smiles a lot presents a warmth that can draw people toward them. In fact, studies show that a smile has a positive impact in the way people respond to you. Once you have started a conversation with a smile, there is a huge possibility of building strong friendships that could last.

The Victor

Since a smile can do wonders in creating a positive effect on others, it also helps people complete their tasks. For instance, companies will choose the person with a great set of teeth rather than the guy with cracked or chipped teeth. In the political arena, people choose the political candidate who smiles confidently rather than the one who hardly smiles. The one who shows a great smile and great teeth are wont to take the victor’s cup.

Indeed, people with great teeth will always be confident. They tend to be friendlier towards other people, and they also have a greater chance of succeeding. When you make sure that your teeth are in the best condition, you're also stepping ahead of the competition.

4 Ways to Make Delicious Beef Au Jus

There is nothing like a deep, savory beef au jus to bring flavor to a French dip sandwich — or to any beef recipe for that matter. Au jus, which means “with juice” in French, is often made by taking the meat juices produced after cooking and skimming the fat off.

There are many other ways to make au jus. There is, of course, the authentic way of waiting for hours for the meat to roast. There are other easier and more convenient methods, yet they’re as delicious.

Make au jus on the grill

Use a heavy stoneware or cast iron pan and place a roasting rack for the beef to sit on during a slow roast of about three hours. Fill the pan with beef stock, garlic, and a mirepoix of onions, celery, and carrots to add flavor to the juice. After cooking, skim the fat off the surface and strain out the vegetables.

Use what you already have

If you don’t have beef drippings, improvise. Caramelize a bunch of onions in a bit of olive oil, add garlic, and deglaze with white wine and Worcestershire sauce. Pour in some beef stock, bring to a boil, and simmer for half an hour. If you want a thicker mixture, add a teaspoon of flour and simmer some more.

Buy beef fat drippings

Beef drippings are making a comeback on American grocery stores, thanks to the revelation that saturated fat isn’t that bad after all. If you don’t have time to slow roast a prime rib, it’s okay to use beef drippings from the store, pour beef stock into the mixture, and boil.

Use au jus concentrate

Best for making huge batches for parties or restaurants, au jus concentrate comes in powder, gel, or liquid form and is extremely easy to make. The best thing about au jus concentrate is that manufacturers have shifted to using natural, healthy ingredients so you don’t have to worry about your sauce being full of monosodium glutamate.

The method you choose to make au jus should be the one that suits you best. If you have all the time in the world to make au jus on the grill, then do so to enjoy your authentic sauce. However, for most people, beef au jus made from store-bought beef drippings or concentrate is the way to go.

Those Free Weights in the Gym House 362x More Bacteria on a Toilet Seat

No gym is ever complete without the free weights, kettle bells, and treadmill. From weights to cardio, gyms provide people with a wealth of equipment that burns excess fat, builds muscle, and boosts fitness levels.

But according to a recent analysis of bacteria found in gyms, members may be getting more than they bargain for when they workout. The researchers from fitness equipment review site FitRate examined bacterial samples taken from about 30 common pieces of workout equipment.

And the results weren’t pleasant. Gym owners may need to double their cleaning efforts and hire a professional janitorial service provider.

The Magic Number: 362

According to the research, the free weights in gyms contain 362 times the bacteria on a toilet seat. And the average stationary bike houses 39 times the bacteria found on a canteen tray. While the bike harbors fewer germs than a public restroom, when you think about touching the equipment and wiping off sweat from your face, that bike isn’t so innocent.

In addition, this type of bacteria causes pneumonia and septicemia, an infection of the blood, as well as some bugs resistant to antibiotics.

The researchers also found out that each piece of equipment harbors more than one million germs per square inch. Any surface can actually harbor germs, but it’s especially true with gym equipment, which many people touch.

Gyms Losing Business

Most people dread gym sessions. With this unsettling research result, some people may have more reasons to avoid going to a fitness center. Therefore, as a gym owner, you need to start cleaning every nook and cranny of your gym. If someone walks into your establishment and sees dirty equipment, walls, and floors, you are more than likely to lose clients.

There’s no nationally-recognized health code specific to gyms, and regulation bodies only inspect them if someone files a complaint (except if the gym has a hot tub, sauna, or pool, or a café). So how clean is clean? The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) provides a cleaning checklist.

People can catch viruses, bacteria, and diseases anywhere — and the gym is no exception.