You Only Have Less Than 3 Seconds to Wow Your Site Visitors

You Only Have Less Than 3 Seconds to Wow Your Site Visitors

No matter the industry category your brand belongs in, you need to establish a website for it, or you run the risk of losing your market share. Keep in mind that a huge percentage of South Dakota’s population rely on the World Wide Web to look up businesses, so not having an online presence can drag your profits down.

This doesn’t mean though that an ordinary website will already suffice. It needs to have all the right features that will latch onto your visitors’ minds, wowing them as soon as they lay their eyes on the page they land.

This is where design comes into play

You may have high-quality website content – articles, blogs, news, images, and videos – but they won’t do you a lot of good if you don’t present and deliver them properly. You have to lay all these components out in such a way that will visually stimulate those who see them immediately.

This part of designing a website can be quite complex, and even the tiniest mistakes can make your entire site suffer. The best way to avoid this is with the services of a web design specialist such as Hitch Studio in South Dakota.

How critical the first three seconds of a customer landing on your site are

It only takes two-tenths of a second for a person to form a first impression. This alone should already make you realize how crucial your design is to getting your site visitors’ attention.

It doesn’t end here though. The next 2.6 seconds are just as vital since this is the length of time it takes for someone’s eyes to find a specific area of a site that will have the greatest impact on his/her first impression.

In short, you have less than three seconds to either make their good first impression take hold of them completely, or reverse their initial negative thoughts.