Why Simple Tokens Make for an Outstanding Marketing Game

Why Simple Tokens Make for an Outstanding Marketing Game


=Freebies are some of the most reliable levellers of humanity. Everybody wants them. It seems humanity is wired to think that “if it’s free, it must be good.” And why think otherwise? When everything appears to come with a tag price, it is quite comforting to find stuff freely given to whoever is ready to embrace them, with no strings attached. Or at least not too obviously.

If you are a marketing professional, you can maximise mankind’s penchant for freebies to level up your game.

Business Perks of Promotional Freebies

Giving away products to your customers communicate your confidence in what you do and why it’s important. This, in turn, boosts consumers’ trust in your brand. Once the recipients of your philanthropic efforts use your simple tokens of appreciation, what you get is viral-prone and free promotion. When it comes to brand marketing, visibility and recall are the endgames. By investing in simple freebies, you got your endgame in the bag.

Key Findings

In a study spearheaded by the BPMA in 2012, findings show that promotional products yield noteworthy ROI. By giving away simple freebies such as promotional USBs, pens,line-yards, mugs, and umbrellas, brands have enjoyed a return of investment which surpasses that from outdoor and radio advertising.

On the customers’ end, results show that 87% of freebie recipients hold on to promotional items for more than a year. 66% of respondents also agree that freebies enhance their recall of brands while 79% agree that freebies inspire them to do business with brands that have benevolently distributed them.

Kicking Off Your Freebie Campaign

The first thing to consider is your brand’s niche demographic. If you cater to the student-aged sector, freebies from speedexgroup.com like pens and USBs are great choices.

Also, don’t overdo your brand messaging. The key is to balance your need for exposure with the recipients’ likely aversion to items with over-the-top branding.