The Rise of Influencers (and How This Can Boost Your Profits)

The Rise of Influencers (and How This Can Boost Your Profits)

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For many years, marketers – both digital and traditional – have been using different strategies to win the hearts of their clients’ audiences. Now, however, even the most brilliant marketers could use an extra hand. This extra hand? Influencers.

Who, exactly, are these influencers? These are the people (not necessarily celebrities) who can significantly affect the purchase decision of their followers, especially on social media because of their fame, authority, and audience relationship. In the US, some of the most famous influencers are Huda Kattan, Zach King, and Nash Grier.

Influencer marketing is on the rise, and it pays. As a result, marketers have started to employ more of this strategy.

Influencers Can Build Audience Trust

“Having an influencer say great things about your brand can go a long way toward building scalable ROI on social media,” says Viral Solutions. The first step is gaining trust, which influencers already have.

With influencers, you have an outside voice that gives reviews, ratings, and recommendations – all in a language that does not oversell. If you are a new company, consider getting an influencer to introduce your brand. The more famous the influencer is, the better the credibility they give you.

Additionally, your customers may consider the influencer a peer, and customers are more likely to trust a peer’s recommendation over a company’s sales pitch.

Influencers Can Be Your Advocates

More than just talking heads, influencers act as a brand’s advocate. They not only sell the product, but they also guide the users through the buyer’s journey.

Think about it, many influencers try the product first before they plug it on their posts. That is why, when looking for an influencer, choose authenticity over follower count. Remember that it goes both ways: their credibility affects your brand, and your brand affects their credibility.

Influencers are Creators

When you employ an influencer marketing strategy, it is important that you trust the knowledge and capability of your collaborator. You may be sponsoring them, but influencers are your business partners.

These internet personalities are creators who know the demands of their audience and how these demands should be delivered. That is why it is important to give them their space to create fresh and artistic content for your brand. Besides, a generic influencer ad that is dictated by textbook advertisement can be boring and is less likely to attract engagement.

Influencer marketing is among the hottest marketing trends right now. To that end, it’s a good time for business owners to start searching for the best partner who can boost their profits and build customer relationship.