Sign of the Times: An Easy Guide to Creating Your Business Sign

Sign of the Times: An Easy Guide to Creating Your Business Sign

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In business, visibility is imperative to success. How can customers come to your business and trigger a sale if they can’t find it? There are many ways to attract clientele to your business but signs and banners have been the most consistent form of marketing there is.

There are multiple ways to come up with the perfect sign—different media like vinyl or large format banner printing. But before you invest in any of these, do you know what makes a good sign? Here are some easy tips when coming up with your own sign’s design.

Keep It Simple

That old adage holds true, especially in signs. Your sign needs to say one thing and one thing only: your business name. The name lets people know what the brand is about and if you communicate that concisely, it’s one step towards establishing strong visibility in front of your potential customers.

Avoid adding on any extra graphics to the design to prevent the risk of being confusing or unclear about your business message. A good rule of thumb is leaving 30 to 40 per cent of your sign blank to improve its readability.

Lettering Logic

In terms of fonts and types, use those that are simple and easy to read. Avoid curlicues and incredibly ornate fonts that tend to be difficult to read. Make sure to use colours that pop against the background. Light colours work best against a darker background and vice versa. This ensures that more people will be captivated by your design.

Do not be afraid to get creative. Studies show that adding a border increases sign readability by 25 per cent. This is especially helpful if your sign is close to traffic.