Advantages of Outsourcing Marketing for Building Materials Manufacturers

Advantages of Outsourcing Marketing for Building Materials Manufacturers

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Marketing requires a robust set of strategies and skills. For building materials manufacturers, delegating these to an in-house team requires you to set up a department for it. For startups and small businesses, budgetary restraints may not allow this. As a result, this could see you hiring marketers with less skills, or combining the different roles involved in marketing. The end result? A not so competent team that is expensive to maintain, and which may not yield results.

Fortunately, outsourcing your inbound marketing in Massachusetts to an agency like New Perspective gives you access to everything you need under one roof. This way you end up getting more value than doing it on your own. Here are the benefits you gain from outsourcing.

Access to a Versatile Team

Research shows that there is a shortage of people with marketing skills. When you engage an agency, you do not only get access to expertise but other services including advanced marketing technology and tools with the necessary support, designers, search engine optimization, and communication experts. You have access to a versatile team with the right experience, allowing you to launch multidisciplinary campaigns thus a holistic approach.

Cost Effectiveness

Setting up an in-house marketing team requires working systems, facilities, and employees. You will also pay them a salary and other benefits. When outsourcing, you can use the marketing agency when you need it. You do not have to shoulder the costs of a full-time employee. You get what you want at a lower cost but high value.


When working with a limited budget, you might be tempted to heap marketing responsibilities on existing employees. This overworks them, which leads to burnout and a reduction in productivity. An agency has tasks well cut out and trained marketers to facilitate consistency and efficiency. With centralized activities, there is also a seamless flow of marketing activities.

Flexibility on Demand

Running an in-house marketing campaign requires you to recruit, train, and offer support to the team. Unfortunately, entry-level marketers do not usually stay long enough leading to high turnover rates. With marketing agencies, their operations are performance driven and they, therefore, provide a holistic approach to clients. This leaves the management of marketing activities to them and they can make use of their existing staff throughout. Also, when you need to increase your marketing input, you can do it immediately as agencies have a cross-functional team.


For your marketing strategy to be effective you do not only need to be up to date with what is happening in the building industry but also the changing trends in digital marketing. Every so often, Google updates its search algorithm. The technologies, tools, trends and strategies being used keep changing too. Agencies have the resources to stay current on the changing trends and also interpret them. You get professionals who can interpret data and use it to make decisions.

Evaluate your business needs and consider the possibility of outsourcing your inbound marketing to professionals. They can ease the load and deliver great results.