Why Levi’s Use of Laser Should be a Lesson for Competitors

Why Levi’s Use of Laser Should be a Lesson for Competitors

Veering from handmade to laser

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. In the retail clothing industry, this applies when scouting what your competition is up to in terms of creating modern designs.

Levi’s plans to give its competitors a run for their money by using laser-wielding robots to etch designs into its popular brand of jeans. The company aims to use the technology as a viable alternative to manual labor in the future.

Clothing Transformation

In the last three decades, Levi’s said that a chemical process with hand-finished work had been the norm for giving jeans their worn and faded appearance. By innovating the design process with laser, the company believes it may achieve its goal of “zero discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020.”

Companies that look for new ways to create modern clothing designs should consider CO2 laser cutters. While Levi’s has some advantage due to its large size and funding resources, smaller clothing businesses should still attempt to level the playing field with this type of machine.

A laser cutter not only saves you time and money but also reduces the need for additional workforce.

Labor-Saving Machines

Levi’s global workforce comprises 13,500 workers, excluding employees at third-party manufacturing facilities. The company’s use of laser may allow it to delegate risky tasks to artificial intelligence.

Imagine if your small clothing business only needs fewer workers to complete work; now that would be a good reason to buy a laser machine. The hefty price tag for most laser cutters or engraving machines turn off most businesses, but some suppliers provide leasing or financing options.

These are perfect if you either want to try a product or simply can’t pay the full cost at once.

A common misconception involves large companies being the only ones that can pursue innovations for clothing designs, yet the current industry landscape has become more different from previous years.