What Flexible Work Arrangements Mean For Your Business

What Flexible Work Arrangements Mean For Your Business

Studies have shown that a flexible work schedule can help improve employee productivity, engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. Is your organization ready to offer this type of work benefit? Here are some of the things you should do before you get started.

Investment in a secure network

If you offer flexible work schedules for your employees, it means being able to work from home more often. Doing this is advantageous for people who live far from the office or those who do not want to deal with rush hour traffic. To do this, the experts at privatetunnel.com suggest that you need to invest in Virtual Private Networks or VPN tunnel software, so your employees can access network resources anywhere in a secure manner.

Types of flexible work arrangements

flexible work schedule is not limited to being able to clock out of the office early and continue work from home. Other flexible work arrangements include a more compressed working schedule, which means having lesser time for breaks and even a working lunch. These also include job share, part-time work, telecommuting, and special work arrangements for seniors. If you are going to offer flexibility at work, you need to define the parameters of these arrangements and who can avail of them.

Let go of micromanagement

Micromanagement has been proven as one of the deal breakers in many organizations these days. If you are going to offer a flexible work schedule, you need to be able to let go of micromanagement habits that may have existed in the past. Gone are the days when managers look over their workers’ shoulders to see if they are doing great work.

Is your company ready for the shift?

A flexible work schedule is not a small benefit you give to employees. It is a management-changing scheme that allows for more productivity and work-life balance. Before you offer this type of arrangement in your organization, consider the items above to ensure that you’re ready for the shift.