Types of Pipe Inspection Techniques Used in Diagnosing Drain Blockages

Types of Pipe Inspection Techniques Used in Diagnosing Drain Blockages

Blocked drains are among the issues most property owners encounter. These blockages are responsible for most types of indoor water damage. In a bid to prevent costly damage, most people use store-bought drain unblocking chemicals.

In addition to their inefficiency, drain unblocking chemicals only enhance the severity of the blockage and eat away at your pipes. Plumbers use various technologies for pipe inspection to diagnose the cause of the blockage and come up with specific drain blockage solutions.

Here are some of these pipe inspection methods.

Push Cameras

This is the simplest type of drain video camera inspection. The technique involves the use of a video camera attached to the end of a pole. The camera sends real-time images of the drain to a plumbing system.

It is the ideal option if the plumber already knows which of your pipes has a problem since it is hard to examine branch lines using a push camera. It is also not suitable for in-depth pipe analysis.

Lateral Launch Cameras

Lateral launch cameras are used for inspection of branch lines. These lines routinely develop issues which are hard to detect using push cameras. The inspection technique involves the use of a primary camera, which launches secondary cameras when it reaches targeted branch lines.


These drone-like equipment use cameras on powered wheels, which propel them down every inch of drain pipes. The cameras are also motorised, which allows them to adjust angles and scrutinise different areas of your pipes.

Crawlers give more specifics of a pipe’s issues since they merge the ease of push cameras with the enhanced visibility of lateral launch cameras.

The ideal choice for your drain’s inspection primarily depends on the location of the blockage. Pipe inspection is the cost-efficient solution to drain blockages. This is because it saves you from blindly spending on different inefficient solutions in a bid to find one that will solve your blockage.