Your Startup’s First Office

Your Startup’s First Office

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A garage, a basement cramped up with oddities, or a study—these are only some of the places that may come to mind when talking about startup offices. While there’s nothing wrong conducting a business in these places, there will come a time when you have to move to a bigger and better office.

Just take a look at Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin carried out their business at a friend’s garage, but would eventually have to move to bigger complex. You will do the same thing, as your enterprise expands and needs increase.
Finding your start-up a decent office, however, isn’t like shopping for an apartment. If you are looking for an apartment or even a condominium unit,you can easily search the listings of companies like Gate Estates. You may even check if it has provisions for a home office.

If you need a larger space for your venture, however, you need to ask the following questions first:

office spaceIs the Location Convenient for “Everyone”?

Everyone in this context means your clients, your suppliers, and your employees. The office doesn’t have to be within the central business district,but you have to see to it that the office is easily accessible to your stakeholders and members. A long and pricey commute may make talents find other places to work for. The same dilemma applies to clients.

What About the Space?

The space should be big enough to accommodate your staff, your clients, and your equipment. It should easily suit the layout you want for it. It should allow you to build the rooms you need, such as conference rooms, pantries, and interview rooms. The office should also have access to the parking lots.

The Price

The price of the lease will depend on the specifications of the office. It’s more expensive if you have parking or use janitorial services. Before signing the lease, makes sure you understand the provisions and conditions. Find out if there are some hidden charges.

Finding an office for your start up should be as easy as this. Once you’ve found the right space, coordinate with the important departments of your company to organize the big move.