Perth Mint Australian Silver Coins You Should Add to Your Collection

Perth Mint Australian Silver Coins You Should Add to Your Collection

1 silver penny

The Britain Royal Mint established a third branch in Perth, Australia to strengthen their connections with precious metal consumers worldwide. When the Melbourne and Sydney branches stopped operations, The Perth Mint became the oldest currently operating mint nationwide. Established in 1899, it played a major role in developing the gold industry of Western Australia.

Whether you are an investor or a hobbyist, Atkinson’s Coins & Bullion lists the top Australian silver coins you should add to your collection:

1 silver pennyLand Down Under

This four-coin series highlights the most important aspects of Australia, such as its ancient culture, discovery, iconic landmarks and lifestyle. These include the 2014 Australian Gold Rush, 2014 Australian Great Barrier Reef, 2014 Australian Stockman and 2014 Australian Rock Fishing. Issued as an Australian legal tender, these 999.0 pure silver coins are available in colourful options. Designed by Ingo Ing Jong, these coins are 40.60mm in diameter, 4.00mm in thickness, and 31.15g in weight.

Mother’s Love

This five-coin series displays the heart-warming connection between a mother and an offspring of the animal kingdom. The 2014 Australian Mother’s Love, Orangutan Silver and Bear Silver coins are available in 1/2oz 99.9% fine silver. Issued as a legal tender under the Government of Tuvalu, this collection will only have 6,000 pieces of mintage.

Age of Dinosaurs

This five-coin series features Australian dinosaurs that lived more than 100 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. Some examples are the 2015 Diamantinasaurus, 2014 Australovenator and 2015 Leaellynasaura 1oz Silver Proof Coloured Coin. These 999.0 pure silver coins are available in vivid colours, which give the series some life. Designed by Tom Vaughan, Perth Mint will issue no more than 5,000 pieces of these historic coins.

These are only some of the coin categories you can collect from The Perth Mint. Do not forget to check their mintage limit and buy only from trusted suppliers.