Keep the Drinks Flowing: Draft Beer System Maintenance | A Toast to a Smooth Draft Beer System

Keep the Drinks Flowing: Draft Beer System Maintenance | A Toast to a Smooth Draft Beer System

Men drinking beer

A cold beer is one of the simplest pleasures for people to enjoy. What is more relaxing than walking into your favourite bar, ordering a cool pint of draft and chatting with your friends? Imagine if that brew is served cloudy or poor quality ‒ you’d have every right to complain.

A good draft beer system depends on so many things: well-calibrated pressure, a quality piped system using press fit pipes and a reliable kegerator to refrigerate the beer barrels. Ensuring that all these parts are functioning smoothly is a delicate dance, but good ale is definitely worth it. Here are some notes on what it takes to maintain a quality system:

Let it flow, let it flow

Draft beer systems use compressed carbon dioxide to push the ale out of its container. If the pressure is too low, nothing but drips will come out. If it is too high, then more of that drink will be in the air than in a glass.

The pressure can be altered because of problems with leaks in joints of pipes and tubes — an issue that is considerably reduced with press-fitted systems. If pipes need replacing, buy quality parts.

Keep it cool

Warm beer is “bar treason.” Serving a warm alcoholic beverage is an easy way to start losing friends and customers. If you want your patrons to remain happy, make sure that your kegerator is in tip-top shape.

Do not make the mistake of treating your kegerator like a simple refrigerator. Although this equipment seems simple and reliable, letting it get dirty can have serious consequences. Clogs, stains, and other build-ups can make it harder to maintain the set temperature. Regular cleaning is a small price to pay for keeping your beer and its drinkers chilled.

The flavour is your saviour

How your beer tastes is also a key to impressing customers. If you think the beer’s flavour does not depend on the upkeep of your system, then you are in trouble. Yeasts and sugars can collect along the tubes where the liquids pass. This buildup can make the drink taste awful and can cause too much foam. Cleaning the beer lines is important for maintaining a fresh beer flavour.

With the basic upkeep of the draft beer system, your latest brew has a good chance of creating a buzz!