How to Deal With Basement Flooding

How to Deal With Basement Flooding

a basement under renovation after a severe flooding

Utah lies untouched by the recent hurricanes, but your Ogden home, particularly the basement, can still flood on a lesser degree. Broken pipes, overflowing laundry machines, and leaking roofs can turn your basement into a pool, ruin the floor, soak furniture, short-circuit electrical outlets, and more.

So how can you deal with the flooding and save your home? Certified Disaster Services has some pointers for you.

Inspect the Exterior

You may suddenly find your basement flooded one day. When you do, you have to leave your basement for the meantime. Go outside and check the exterior of your home. Structural damage or deterioration may have caused the entry of water. Otherwise, you may have a broken pipe or overflowing laundry machine.

Cut Off Power

The water in your basement poses an electrical hazard to anyone inside the home, especially if the floodwater has reached electrical outlets. To prevent electrocution, you can flip the electrical master switch of your home. You can find this switch near your breaker panels. In case your switch is located in the basement, have your electrical service provider cut the power supply to your home.

Cut Off Gas Supply

Gas can also be a problem if you have appliances that run on it. Turn off your gas supply to prevent any accidents. The gas meter outside your home has a stub or valve that you can turn with a wrench. Turn it until it becomes perpendicular to the pipe.

Call the Pros

Pumping the water out of your basement will be the next order of business, but you may lack the experience to do this. Instead of trying your luck, you can hire professional water damage restoration services. Such services can even help restore your basement and its contents.

When floodwaters invade your basement, you can easily handle the situation by following the guidelines above. Your basement will be free of water as long as you act quickly.