How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Handles

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Handles

selection of cabinet handles

They might be a small (literally) part of the kitchen, but the right cabinet handles can make a huge impact in your kitchen’s overall look and function. If this is your first time renovating your kitchen, or maybe first time choosing cabinet handles, then you came to the right place.

Various cabinet handles can be purchased online or in actual shops. However, before jumping into a shopping spree, there are important things to consider to make sure that you make the right purchase. Here’s a guide in choosing kitchen cabinet handles.

Know the different types

There are two major types of cabinet handles, although, they are often used interchangeably. Knobs are round in shape, and pulls are thin and rectangle in nature. Technically speaking, knobs are often used on doors and pulls in cabinets. However, nowadays, knobs are also used in the kitchen for aesthetic purposes.

Consider your cabinet style

Your chosen handle should match your cabinet style. The size, location, as well as the shape of your cabinets, t will have an effect of what kind of handle to choose. Pulls will go well with huge drawers holding heavy weights while knobs can be used in your kitchen cabinet doors.

Material and finish

Handles are made with different materials like wood, plastic, and metal. Your choice of material will depend on your cabinet style and theme. Handles also come in different styles and finishes. So a knob is not just a round handle, it can also have carvings and styles that will match your kitchen’s theme.


Handles are not expensive. However, customized ones, or those that require proper detail attention would be priced higher. Do your research and set aside a reasonable budget before buying.

Now that you know all these points, you are ready to go through your cabinet handle shopping spree finally. All the best!