Here Are Three Cool Facts About Moving

Here Are Three Cool Facts About Moving

couple packing stuff before moving

Moving is one of the most time-consuming processes in a person’s life. It can involve days and even months of looking for a new home or a job. It can mean several boxes and a few days of packing.

Americans, though, like to move. In fact, on the average, they change their address at least eleven times throughout their lifetime. That’s not all! There are a few more details about moving that may even surprise you.

1. It’s not only people who move

Often, you think about people when you hear the word “moving.” They’re not the only ones who update their address. Companies do too, and they decide for a variety of reasons. For example, McDonald’s moved from Oakbrook to Chicago to improve its brand image.

Others may do it to take advantage of better taxation or cut costs. There are some that want to maximize public facilities such as an airport.

Moving an entire office is more complicated than packing a house. For those that are planning for corporate relocation, can provide support on that one.

2. Idaho is the fastest-growing state

The US Census Bureau released its population growth report in 2017. The most populous state was still California, followed by Texas and Florida. New York ranked fourth. Texas, meanwhile, was on top in terms of numeric growth.

Idaho, however, ended up number one when it comes to population growth percentage. It increased to 1.7 million or 2.2 percent within one year. Nevada came in second, followed by Utah.

The reason for population change can vary. Idaho and Nevada grew due to domestic migration. It means more people from another state move into these places. Utah is unique since its population increase is due to childbirth.

3. More people desire to move

In one of the polls by Gallup, more than 32 percent of the Americans wish they could move to another state. A US Census Bureau survey revealed 15 percent wanted to look for a better home. About 2 percent had their properties foreclosed. An estimated 8 percent liked to have a cheaper house.

Moving may be a daunting process, but it also represents many things to someone. It can be chasing an opportunity or starting a new life. The goal makes it worth it.