Diamonds: The Marker of Value

Diamonds: The Marker of Value

Diamonds Value Having a diamond is equated to prestige and luxury. For many centuries, its characteristics – brilliance, lasting shine and incessant value – it has become one of the symbols of wealth and affluence. Once you own a diamond, you are never just a regular joe. Diamonds give a person a sense of superiority, sometimes undeservedly.

Where and How Diamonds Came From

Diamonds form hundreds of miles underground and are brought about to the earth’s surface through volcanic eruptions or other seismic activities. For what it’s worth, diamonds are simply carbon, similar to coal. Diamonds begin their life as a simple carbon molecule and due to the intense pressure beneath the earth’s surface, it transforms to a harder form of carbon, which is diamond.

Though what you see in the jewelry shops and stores is the intensity of a diamond’s value, you should know as an avid enthusiast of these stones that acquiring natural diamonds is not as simple as planting and reaping crops. It is mined and heavy labor is needed for these to be retrieved. There are synthetic diamonds manufactured inside a laboratory, which had their debut in the late 1800s, that could be used as replacements, but these are generally cheap and of less value.

Diamonds and Its Value

Owning a diamond, you should already know it’s worth. In fact, you can lend it to a pawn shop if you are caught by budgeting issues. For the sake of figures, quotes a perfectly round, infinitely flawless, colorless 0.50-carat diamond to an ostentatious amount of $4,420.

Note that when pawning your diamond, you are only making it as a collateral for the amount you’re borrowing. The value the shop declares equivalent to your diamond is actually less than the actual value because you are not selling it; you are supposed to get it back once the loan is paid.

Diamonds are one of the hardest materials on earth, but they’re also one of the most elegant. You can be sure that one such stone fetches a high price, whatever it is you’re in the market for.