Business Owners and Managers Alert on Potential Employee Issues

Business Owners and Managers Alert on Potential Employee Issues

Boss Talking to Her Employee

After investing time and resources in establishing your business, it is imperative that you cover all the bases. While there are many lawyers in New York City whom you can call for legal help, you must learn about relevant labor and employment regulations, as well as possible issues that might come up.

Employee concerns

Employee performance will definitely be affected—directly or indirectly—when issues disrupt the flow of activities in the office. Underlying or undetected concerns may not surface immediately, but the lingering tension may lower performance levels. To avoid missteps and prepare for the worst, business owners and managers must be informed about the issues that may affect employee performance.

Discriminative and harassing actions

The knowledge of the current law is important given the fluidity of working environments and the changing dynamics of human interactions. Some actions that are viewed as non-discriminative in the past are already fostering divisiveness. Being aware of various forms of discrimination helps managers identify where and with whom specific racial or gender tensions lie in the workplace.

The number of alleged sexual harassment complaints in the office has been increasing for the past few years. This reflects an increasing awareness of the disparity in gender treatment. More women choose to speak out when they are victimized. While high-profile harassment cases in recent years make the issue an open topic of discussion, there may still be employees who inadvertently engage in sexual harassment. Because of persistent gender bias, the management must foster awareness of gender issues and strengthen diversity policies.

Social media use

Another relevant problem concerning employee productivity is the use of social media in and out of the workplace. Establishing standards on acceptable practices could prevent potential problems arising from abuse and misuse of social media platforms, which may be detrimental to the employees’ performance and the company’s image.

Workplace issues can be stressful and could lead to monetary or productivity losses. Business owners must be aware of possible areas and sources of conflict, as well as find the right solutions.