Black is the New Black: Dark-Coloured Front Doors Increase Your Home’s Value

Black is the New Black: Dark-Coloured Front Doors Increase Your Home’s Value

Front Black Door

Before putting up the for-sale sign in front of the property, smart home sellers usually ask this question: which home improvements can increase the resale value of my home? Many of them splurge on renovating kitchens or adding another room or garage space.

But a recent study shows that there’s one home improvement project that could offer more returns on investment and it’s the type of task that’s an easy fix: install a black door.

Payback with Black

Time and time again, studies confirm that colours play a huge role on people’s behaviour — whether that’s how they feel about a room or how they perceive a certain brand. But a popular real estate website’s analysis report shows that colours also has significant impact to sale price of a house.

The experts looked at over 135,000 photos from bought homes and determined that properties that have black or charcoal gray front doors stell for $6,000 more than expected. It yielded the highest sales compared to all other room and colour combinations.

If you’re planning to put your house on sale soon, it might be a good decision to paint your front doors black. Or as many homeowners are doing – ditching the hassle of DIY –  have experts install black aluminium doors. When you get the help of experts, it’s a guarantee: even the aluminium door jamb sets are sleek as your front doors.

Why Black

It’s not surprising at all that black or dark-coloured front doors are appealing to homebuyers. It’s a sophisticated colour that matches well the style of most modern homes and works beautifully with other colour palettes. Whether it’s a warm or cool-toned exterior, the effect of the black front door is the same: increased curb appeal.

What’s more, such design elements instantly become a focal point in the home’s exterior, drawing and commanding people’s attention. Homeowners know well how tricky it is to create and sustain visual interest in the home’s facade, because almost all properties look the same on the outside. So having a black front door is really an easy, instant element of interest.